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July 01, 2009


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Leigh O'Gorman

will anybody be testing these improvements before Kentucky?

Concerned Fan

O'Gorman: They aren't really improvements. They're just freeing up the rules a little to allow teams to use stuff they already have. At a given track, the league specifies what aero bits and bobs the teams can put on the car, and now they'll let more bobs on the car, thereby adding down force.

Regarding TG, the way this happened is going to raise concerns with partners and potential partners. It's definitely not a smooth transition of power. The timing is terrible.

Regarding "make or break..." Oh please. You and many of your blogger brethren are, frankly, drama queens. If I were you I'd be careful what I wished for.

Regarding ChampCar, I'd say that the IRL has been proving that you can't be successful racing open wheel cars on ovals. I mean, why is that TG was so desperate to take over ChampCar? Why is it, do you think, that the league began adding road/street courses to the schedule in the first place? Why is that Indy Lights was totally moribund until they went 50/50 with their racing schedule?

Because they weren't succeeding, Skippy. Both leagues were/are money losing affairs that have never turned a profit. The advantage the IRL had was that at least they only owned one track, and actually got payed for TV rights. ChampCar was truly pathetic. The principles involved bought up quite a few of those street races, and their TV broadcasts were essentially infomercials.

I guess you can say the IRL was more successful, because they took over the other... but it's kind of like arguing about who's [email protected]#$ smells worse.

Clearly, ChampCar's smelled worse---a lot worse, IMO. But, the IRL has always been, and continues to be, on life support, and the appearance that the support might be ending is bound to be bad for business.

TG's sisters have a lot to learn about controlling the message.


if these a holes were smart they would schedule a test to see if this shit will work. but no they are goin to show up at kentucky and see what happens

Roy Hobbson

Yeah, Bill -- quit being a "drama queen," as Concerned Fan suggests. Because once you do, you'll be able to write very subdued & non-drama-queeny things like this:

"the IRL has always been, and continues to be, on life support ..."

/drops sarcasm

Concerned Fan -- your comment couldn't have been more drama-queen-ish had it been written in Latin & smeared in goat blood along the side of the barn outside of IMS. How about you sit the next few plays out.

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