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July 31, 2009


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You are assuming that both the IRL AND the city of Detroit will still be standing in 2011.


good point

Tom G.

I laughed when I saw that release come across from TSO. It reminded me of the old Chevy Chase SNL bit.

This just in "Generalisimo Francisco Franco is still dead"


The Belle Isle track is in my backyard...

...& I even do NOT want it back (even with the ALMS).


Remember, though, this event is Roger Penske's. If he thinks he can get it done, I reckon he'll do it. That said, they really could do better as far as courses go.


When Penske had an ALMS & an Indy team... the Detroit GP lived. Porsche drops ALMS program & Penske dumps Belle Isle...Hmmm!

IMO, the downtown Detroit GP was always the more interesting course. The long straight along the Detroit River actually allowed passing, & it was run in what was the USA's 6th largest city. Give it points for unique?

Belle Isle is a poor man's Ile Notre-Dame /Circuit Gilles Villeneuve without Montreal's excellent public transportation access to the their island race track


If Detroit wants a proper road circuit to run races on, then Roger needs to buy either the old City Airport, or better yet the old Packard HQ and factory (less BS neighborhood issues) knock it all down and build a park/racetrack ala Monza in it's place. That ground is so contaminated it propably can't be used for anything good for another 50 years, this way the area has some use as green space and have a real race track for The Motor City.

The Speedgeek

Hey, now, with the good ideas. You think anybody in Detroit politics is going to let anything constructive happen there? Surely you jest. The city council can barely agree to patch the roof at Cobo (if they've actually agreed to that, that is). They might have less problems with the NIMBYs than CART had when they allegedly tried to run a race at the State Fair Grounds back in '98 or '99 (people complained that there would be noise, when there is already no shortage of noise in that neighborhood, and noise that doesn't exactly add to the local economy...). But, even with a roller like Roger attached to that project, I couldn't see them agreeing. The Packard HQ is more likely to turn itself into the world's preeminent floral garden overnight than to be turned into a racetrack by The Cap'n.

But it's fun to think about. :)


If Roger can not stage the Detroit GP on Belle Isle due to a crappy economy... HTF would he get a race track built on the Packard site or at City Airport (which still operates for private aircraft)?

The neighborhood near the state fairgrounds was the high end Palmer Woods... an actual neighborhood that has HIGH property values & houses many of Detroit's actual tax payers!!!

Oh, BTW... The COBO expansion has been approved via new mayor Dave Bing & the former mayor Ken Cockrell (now the City Council Prez replacing the crazy & corrupt Monica Conyors


@AZZ045 Rog has $1bil plus in a personal fortune, and with Bing as Mayor, Cockrell as President of City Council and Jenny from the block going away as Governor, there are plenty of oppertunities to make things happen.

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