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July 02, 2009


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Indy Racing Experience

pdog, Great story and we are glad you enjoyed your ride. Where do we send the drycleaning bill for your firesuit?


The sight of you in that racing suit has me all hot and the hell am I going to get any work done today?

My Name Is IRL

Wow - you even got a customized firesuit with a big yellow "Z" for Zahren. Bravo, Mr Just A Passenger!

Roy Hobbson

Well done, Dog. Very well done. I bow humbly before your artful storytelling. Now if you'll excuse me ...

/douses eyeballs with Clorox bleach
//still sees photo in mind's eye
///douses brain with Clorox bleach


If I would have known, I would have quickly stuck an sticker on the nose of the car AND the fire suit. I recommend simply burning the suit and sending me the bill.

Mike Krapfl

Mr. Pressdog: Great story. And great timing. This is sure a welcome break from all the news of TG, street ovals and the imminent demise of the series.


That picture deserves a special spot on the Pressdog Family mantle. Well done.

Mike R

Funny, funny stuff, P'dog...and I doubt anybody else could have given this good a retelling of the whole experience. I'm know it had to be a blast. Next time I 'spect you'll do the driving yourself, eh?


Farm out p-dog! Flying with the dutchman! My day is enhanced.

It was as if I was there with you guys. You know, like a three seater.

I even had vestibular apparatus (had to cut and paste that one). But only for a second or two.

Happy Fourth dude.

Gurney Eagle

I rode in the two-seater last year at IMS. Nearly 200 MPH on those long straightaways. If you can afford to drop that kind of coin (my ride was courtesy of one of our vendors) then I highly recommend it.


I rode in the two-seater at WDW. It was an excellent ride—well worth the money!!! Would love to do it at Indy.


Awesome recount. Thanks for the story!

George Phillips

Great story! Funny and well-written. I did the one-seater at IMS and was scared to death the first time I took a turn at speed...and those cars are much slower. You make me want to do the two-seater.

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