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September 07, 2009


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A new patsy for the revisionist history. Ed is not exactly the most reliable of news reporters as it is. He can make Robin look like Tom Brokaw or Peter Jennings.


Wow, Ed really likes Danica....


Above average hotness???? Have you been to close to too many ethanol fumes this year? If she was Danika from Finance at the Principal Financial Group would you give her a second look if you weren't four beers into happy hour?


Apparently, Duke, there's an audience out there that finds Danica hot. I wouldn't call her homely by any stretch.


I consider her hot. If there's one thing I hate it's the boring, platinum blonde, DD Cup porn-star looks that most American men find "hot." She's athletic, great abs, great legs, great smile--I'd qualify her as hot.

And the reason she hasn't won more in Indycar is that she's in a car that can't keep up with the Big Reds. Period. She's better than Andretti, better than Kanaan, and better than Mutoh in equal equipment these days. I don't see how she's doing bad at all.


I'm not sure about better than Kannan, though. He's had a rough season, and been injured a lot. I think Danica's a good driver, I'd say she's probably one of the top-5 or 6 drivers on ovals, though.

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