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September 08, 2009


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Leigh O'Gorman

Hey Bill,
I'm actually doing up an article of the oval and will try to have it up pre-Monza.

On a sad note, Italian authorities have attempted to have it knocked down a number of times, but have been blocked twice.

I believe there attempts to try and get the site registered as a heritage site - if I find some info, I'll send it on.

Adam Hines

OMG....Indycar on the oval at monza...The only way it would be better is if Jim Garner came and drove a Toyota to victory...


Leigh, send me a linky dink to your article.


If we're going to run internationally, I'd rather do Europe than Brazil. Monza, Mangy Cours, Silverstone, Rockingham, Zandavort, Nurmiburg, Le Mans, they're all such great road courses, I hate how F1 tries to move to Street courses and newer, boring road courses.

Leigh O'Gorman

@ Bill
Will do.
By the way, a mixture of sunny weather and rain is predicted for raceday

@ Dylan
IndyCar at Le Mans!! Now there's a thought....
It would be great to see the oval at Rockingham (UK) in use, but I've no idea how it could be fit to US TV schedules though and I think Zandvoort has now been shortened to take junior and club formula's now (which is a real shame


Based off of the Race 07 game, Zandavort has a club part, but, the long version is still there.


Check out this site.

Pat W

Zandvoort's long circuit was closed decades ago but a club layout survived, and that was heavily extended again 15 or so years ago and has recently hosted A1GP, etc.


S0CSeven ... awesome site. Thanks for the link. Fabulous photos of the old banking at MONZA. RE-HAB! REEE-HAB.


I had seen pictures of the Monza oval before but this is really cool.

Speaking of F1, Autosport has news about the Singapore mess and they aren't pretty:

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