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September 28, 2009


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I heard that line in the Prilosec ad too! I thought I couldn't have possibly heard it correctly, but there it was. Blocking in N*****? I'm shocked.

Actually, I thought Singapore under the lights was rather fascinating. It was a high point in a relatively boring race, interrupted by moments of lunacy.

Brian McKay

Good news: "12 of 20 drivers are rumored to be moving around after the season."
Props to Timo Glock, whom I watched racing Stateside in a Champ Car. P2 in a Toyota. Hmm. Happy for him. Man that race was a comedy -- including the talking heads. Thanks for the race notes. BTW, how do people who found Singapore to be very warm, humid and uncomfortable at night survive during daylight hours?

Leigh O'Gorman

It annoys me a little when people knock Raikkonen. When you consider that Massa was doing a very good job and look at what Fisichella is doing in the car now, it just makes me believe that rather than being demotivated, Raikkonen is currently getting 120% out of the car.

Happy for Glock. Very good driver that I think will be fighting for wins in the right car.


Great race but WTF were the usually brilliant SPEED team on??

Were they told to create dumbass controversy where there is none? Do they really believe that Button & Barrichello who last year were crap drivers are really brilliant now?? (or vice versa) As the P-dog says, driving a crap car doesn’t make you a crap driver & driving a great car doesn’t make you a great driver. (room for a Danica discussion here)

C’mon guys.
Marshals are NOT paid anything…… anywhere in the world. They volunteer to risk their lives & pay their own way to do it.
The booth guys know that.

Pit lane exit lines are there to prevent 150mph crashes and multiple deaths due to blocking and/or dumbasses. Violators need a major penalty. The booth guys know that.

Rosberg would NEVER pit for his penalty right after the green came out. If he did he’d come out in last place. If he delays the stop as long as possible he may come out in at least second last place but geezzz ya gotta try!. If the booth guys don’t understand this basic concept there’s no hope.

I can only assume that they all went to a major party on Saturday night & next week will be MUCH better.

Leigh O'Gorman

Oooohh errr...
Tsunami warning for this weekend's Japanese Grand Prix


Pat W

There are some Heikki t-shirts and caps on:

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