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September 17, 2009


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I'm really upset about Direct Tv not having the race on. It's to bad that I'm one of the ten people who acually wants to watch Montegi, but I still cannot. I think they might get the "perfect zero" TV rating, since Motnegi is always lowest rated, and Versus is low rated, and Direct TV isn't on any more.


YES, the elusive double-ought rating. It's within grasp, I'm thinking. This DirecTV thing. It's an outrage to be sure. More outrageous are the goofy "contracts" people have to commit to so they cannot throw DirecTV out and go cable or dish to get their IndyCar.

Roy Hobbson

A "double-ought" rating isn't so bad -- it's like kissing your sister, frankly. Assuming your sister is a high-powered industrial woodchipper from Hell.


I love that last paragraph! That's classic!
"We said two months ago we should know in a couple of weeks, and we're sticking with that," an official said.

Add me to the list of disgruntled DirecTv viewers affected by the Versus/DirecTv squabble....truth be told thought I would not have watched this race live due to 10:30 start time, I would have Tivo'd it ant watched it on Sat or Sun, now I can't even do that.

Also maybe we can spin the small numbers to make is seem more elite or exclusive. Sort of like the Marines, the few, the small, the Indy Car fans, etc.

Leigh O'Gorman

well at least it can't get any worse...


"well at least it can't get any worse..."

I wouldn't be so sure about that. ;(

John S

Good article by P-Dog, as I have come to expect. I am also a direct tv guy. Probably Direct tv can not produce shows on the moon. (yeah I know, they dont produce shows but go with me on this.)


There's a race this weekend? Where?

Leigh O'Gorman

@ Beachbum

This Saturday afternoon outside my house, West Ham United Football Club supporters are going to try and outrun the police - should be good for a giggle.


Just a question - what were the ratings for Motegi last yar, when I think it was on a recognized network channel? Was it much over .000 then? I'm seriously curious, as I'm old and I don't remember that far back.


I guess I continue to ask why everyone is so angry at DirecTV for this? It's a business negotiation. Who says Comcast is being fair with what they are asking for Versus rights?

Comcast are just as big and money-grubbing as DirecTV and Dish, so there is no "grass greener" folks.

When I call DirecTV, I get a human who has always helped me. Not so when I had Comcast.

At the end of the day, the IRL signed with Versus, a fledgling cable channel owned by Comcast. This sort of situation was bound to happen at some point. The IRL is the one who can put pressure on both to get this solved. Not sure they have (they may have but I haven't seen it)


"This Saturday afternoon outside my house, West Ham United Football Club supporters are going to try and outrun the police - should be good for a giggle."

..and a 2.6 on Fox. I'd watch it. :)

Maybe we should carry this theme to the Indycars...paint every non red-n-white car like a police car and see if the "bad guys" get caught?

Just brainstorming here...

Leigh O'Gorman

@ Doug

Could be great pre-race show

John S

Doug - Love it

Why have we not mentioned that some lovely members of the vs broadcaster team will not actually be at the race. Further evidence that the race is on the moon, or faked at a sound stage in the dessert.


Moonbase Alpha...Ahh the memories. I used to have one of the Eagles that Martin Landau used to fly around in and...alright back to IRL land.

I know I've been leading a group of hungry savages against DirecTV, but Duey23 has a point I haven't mentioned. Comcast is NOT any better. I LOVE DirecTV, but as an Indy Car and NHL fanatic, I can't not have Versus. So, unless things get worked out today, Verizon FIOS is going in on Monday and I'll pay DirecTV's early termination fee as a principle. I won't go to Comcast cable since they caused this problem too.

Enjoy the race tonight, tomorrow, whenever the hell it is...

Leigh O'Gorman

anyone know where i can stream it..?


The only issue I have with both satellite services is they lock their customers in for two-year or more "commitment" so if you don't like the product, guess what? You're SCREWED. You ain't going anywhere, Chico. That seems fair.

The race is supposed to be available via, but I predict the servers will crash before the parade lap due to traffic.

Leigh O'Gorman

I got my EDT's and GMT's and UDT's mixed up and missed the first 70 laps - going to have to wait for the re-run...

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