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October 03, 2009


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Or, G) all of the above. The woman now has the credibility of a gnat. Mentioning Brett, we all know how loved Brett Favre is now. Especially by the Green Bay faithful. They were more rabid about Brett than the most fervent Danica Fan, and have turned their collective backs on him because of his actions. Danica - there's a lesson here. Pay attention.


Danica is finally being exposed for the side show she has always been. I hope she does go to NASCAR part time. Then her lack of talent will be exposed, and people will look around for other women who can drive race cars and NOT be a side show. Danica wouldn't have this ride if she wasn't posing in her bikini every winter to drum up support....

She says she wants to be just another racer like the rest of the guys, then she does bikini layouts for teenaged boys to get their jollies looking at. You want credability Danica, start acting like an adult. Right have none.

Don B

After Sonoma, it seems that her management/legal team told her, rightly so, not to discuss her contract status until everything was official and an announcement made by Andretti Racing and her sponsors. That is only good common sense. The fact that Cavin, Hinton, Stewart or anyone else has talked about it, reported on it, speculated about it or asked a hundred questions about it means absolutely nothing. She has been advised not to talk about it, and that is exactly what she is doing. She hasn't played the yes, no, yes, no game. She has not, to my knowledge, denied that she is returning to Andretti, she just hasn't commented on it since Sonoma.

And how does Brett Havre fit into this? He actually officially retired with full pomp and fanfare, then changed his mind. Twice. That's a far cry from what Danica has done.


But she HAS talked about it since Sonoma, when she feels like it. She IS playing the "yes, no, maybe, I'm not going to say anything to you today" game. Just read all the articles and interviews since then.

Don B

Sue, show me a quote with date and who she said it to where she stated she wasn't going to renew her contract, or even where she said she "maybe" wasn't going to renew.


Don, I did not say she ever stated she was not renewing her contract. My comments were directed to the fact that she does/does not talk about her situation on any given day. And this has been occurring really since June. She began by stating she wasn't going to say anything at all about what she was going to do, that it was all up to her management, she didn't know what was going on, she was only going to focus on her racing for this season. If she'd have left it there, it would have been left alone. But then she immediately turns around and talks the Nascar talk, then says she's not saying anything further about next year, then talks the Nascar talk, then says she anticipates renewing with AGR, then suddenly is talking the Nascar talk again, and on and on and on all summer and into the fall. I'm not going to bother itemizing every single interview she's given this year - I'm sure you can google just as well as I can. All I am agreeing with is if she said she wasn't going to comment on any of this stuff, then golly, she shouldn't comment on it, and then get mad when she's asked about her comments. That's all.

The Speedgeek

Regardless of what's actually going on, I just think that there are better ways for her to handle this than "blank stare mode". That comes off as a little bit tantrum-y, in the vein of "I'm only going to ask nice questions that I feel like answering". She'd do herself a world of good to say, "it's not something that I can talk about right now, nothing's complete yet, I spoke out of class at Sonoma, sorry if you feel misled by that, sorry I can't provide more details now, there'll be news very soon". I know that she'll get tired of saying that same thing over and over again, but if you were dangling a multi-million dollar contract in front of me to drive racecars, I think I could summon the strength to say that a couple thousand times, if need be.

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