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October 04, 2009


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Travis R

That was a fun read - great job, pDog!

It's probably too late, but here's another question for Leilani: how does she go about adopting acres of rainforest and coral reefs? I assume there's a particular organization she goes through, but I couldn't find anything obvious about it on her website.


Great interview - I had never heard of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch before!

Leilani Munter

Hi Travis, I have been working with World Land Trust ( to adopt rain forest since 2007 but am also looking at some other organizations including Rainforest Alliance (

For the coral reef I am in the process of vetting different organizations but one of the ones I am looking at is the Nature Conservancy's Adopt a Coral Reef program:

Here is a great site that evaluates charity organizations on their performance:

ALSO - I am getting some people on my twitter telling me they wouldn't appreciate the dirty looks at the grocery store. I was only joking! I don't give people with plastic bags dirty looks, I was never going to buy Craig a racing suit, and I also would never hit someone I don't like on the racetrack. I was purely joking and being sarcastic! Please don't take these statements seriously! :)

Travis R

Thank you, Leilani! I really appreciate all the information!

Andy Darley

"Burn the building down"? Do you have ANY idea how much carbon that would release?


Great interview!

Roy Hobbson

Any girl rocking the "Steal Your Face" refridgerator magnet is a friend of mine. (Quadruply so if she's banging hot & saving the planet.)

Well played, you two.

Leilani Munter

Aha! A deadhead open wheel fan! Roy, Bobby Weir is my brother in law so I went to my first Dead show when I was 12 years old. I ran a Ratdog sticker on my Indy Lights car in 2007 when I was with Sam Schmidt Motorsports and Bobby came to the race, there are some pictures of us in my pit at Chicagoland:

Thought you would enjoy that. Have a grateful day! :)

Roy Hobbson

I have the feeling Leilani has many little wonderous tidbits like that tucked away that she's not sharing. "Bob Weir is my brother in law" ... "I used to play banjo for The String Cheese Incident" ... "Obama was my Constitutional Law professor for a semester" ... "I once shot a 62 at Doral" ... "I served two terms in the Peruvian parliament" ... and so forth and so on. Nothing will surprise me at this point.

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