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October 11, 2009


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Tom G.

Was it just me, or weren't we promised that there would be a "major" announcement about sponsorship at Homestead, as well as the unveiling of the location for the Brazil race?

At this point I am considering calling up Angstadt and offering to let them run the race on my kids big wheels in our cul-de-sac. Heck, I'll even through in a G-spot to be the official title sponsor.

Tom G.

err... make that "throw in a G-note"

Quite the Freudian slip there. Must be all those Go Daddy commercials I sat through this season.


Clearly, the IRL will go wherever someone has the cash. The league has said for a couple months that an announcement re: Brazil is two weeks away, and they're sticking to that.


Kind of glad this season's over. Hoping it's a little better next year with new faces in victory lane (along with at least the Penske boys).

Sounds like Helio and Ryan are going to have great off seasons with Ryan getting married and Helio about to be a dad.


I always enjoy reading your race notes. I just thought I'd point that that there were actually 6 winners from three teams (or technically 4 teams). The 6 winners (still 3 teams, although you could kind of argue 4 teams due to Penske Racing and Team Penske: Helio, Briscoe, Power, Franchitti, Dixon, and Wilson.

Now, I don't want to downplay the issues (and even as a huge fan I have to admit there are many, etc). But having 6 winners out of a typical 23 or 24 car field means that roughly 25% of the drivers won a race this year.

Brian McKay

Shame about Sarah Fisher's day and Versus TV. Loved the pink-sidewall tires, but heard no mention of Pink Floyd's text-to-40202 promotion.
I hope that Andretti racing can help Tony Kanaan to the winner's circle next year. he shouldn't feel left out in the cold while his buddies & rivals find success after success.
"Jack Arute says Dario "cobbled together" a season." I wish that The Silent Pagoda hadn't tired of maligning Jack. I'm so sick of him.


You're right. I forgot about Will. I'll amend. I think three teams, since Power's car was essentially a Penske car.


Oh, 6 drivers won. Surpisinly, non of my "spell checking commentors" have mentioned that, yet. The race was awful, even more so because I had no video feed, since my somewhat broke computer can't run IMS timing and scoring. Not thrilling at all, and neither is only 6 drivers on 3 teams.


Every race it’s Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica, Danica till ya want to puke. It’s “Oh my god, everyone is passing Danica…..what a brilliant strategy ….she’s saving her tires!!!” etc etc etc. Arghhhh!

At Miami ……………. nothing ………………. Danica didn’t exist. If Wheldon hadn’t punted her, her name wouldn’t have been mentioned. The announcers know something we don’t.

Instead we have Sarah in-cams (Sarah who???). We have Sarah pit stops. We have Sarah car setup disucussions. We have Sarah strategy & problems…… Sarah who was getting her ass kicked by Milka!!! Sarah is the new IRL hottie ……… and Danica is OUTA HERE!!!


I only wish that were the case, SOCseven. More Sarah! Less, well, you know.

Leigh O'Gorman

In all fairness SOCSeven, it was extremely obvious from the audio feed that Sarah's car was knackered


Best part of the race: knowing that we won't have to see or hear that effing IZOD commercial anymore. Probably stuck with Danica commercials, though.

Curling Racer

P'Dog, thanks for the great reports during the season. Hope to see you again at Burger Bash next year. Going to my room to cry about season being over.

Tom M.

I really hope their is more parity next year. Press....try to catch you at the burger bash next year!


Champ Car at one time tried to force pit stops at certain intervals to ensure that there will always be enough fuel to race flat out (i.e., potentially eliminating fuel strategy runs). It worked with some success, but not entirely a perfect scheme. (They would still save fuel to have a short last pit, but at least they raced flat out at the end.) I wish Indycar would seriously look at this and make some adjustments. Maybe offer points for a driver leading the race at certain intervals? Maybe adjust the race length so that there's no way to "stretch" your fuel between pit stops? I wish I had better solutions, but this seriously has to change.


One thing the league could do immediately is rip out the (really bad word) fuel knobs to at least make saving fuel more difficult/reliant on skill of the driver. I'm glad to see that it wasn't just me who thought the race was putrid. Given all the "exciting" talk elsewhere I thought it was just me. Always a possibility, to be sure.

Leigh O'Gorman

With you there Pressdog. If the driver wants to save fuel, let him use his foot!!


I know why people want the fuel knobs out, but, watch Nword, lots of fuel milage races.

Roy Hobbson

I can't physically stomach discussing IndyCar right now, or else I'd impart some grand wisdom that only I'd find funny or insightful (and that would bring down the overall quality of your notes).

How do you say "burned out" in Porteguese? "Bom de" something, I presume?


We'll just wait for the Kanaan Portuguese retweet on that one, Roy. I long ago turned to my good friend, Mr. Scotch. Skol.


"One thing the league could do immediately is rip out the (really bad word) fuel knobs to at least make saving fuel more difficult/reliant on skill of the driver."

Whoa, that seems like such an....obvious thing to do! Would ANYTHING be lost from the experience if they took the knobs out? Would ANY tradition suffer? I don't think so.

Also, great point about the way Versus could have much more compellingly presented the final 50 laps. Though, I am afraid the Versus production in general really outdoes itself in relation to the product it shows.

Savage Henry

That was painful beyond belief. If I was a first time race viewer I'd never tune into a race again. Everyone except the top 3 cars slapped a big stamp on the race and mailed it in. Maybe they were under orders to save their equipment - because, of course, they'll be using it again next year. Spec racing is awesome! Then the eventual winner takes the race by going slower than the other two cars.

At one point Beekus said he had "goosebumps" anticipating the end of the race. For new race fans, it would have been better to say "ok folks, this isn't how racing is supposed to be. Please tune in again next year and give it another shot". The way it is, people might actually think that this race is representative of the IRL. Oh, wait... Never mind.


For all the complaints I have about NASCAR, I'm real happy I'm a stockcar (as opposed to just NASCAR) fan these days... I occasionally tune in to Indycar, usually I fall asleep watching the races... I made the mistake of tuning into the Richmond race, because usually that's a no-brainer for a great race--boy was I wrong.

I don't know how any of the 78 fans Indycar has left even bother to watch. Something needs to change big time. Danica's the only thing holding this crap together, and thanks to the rules, AGR can't give her a car capable of winning anyway. The fact that she was the "best of the rest" all season makes it obvious.


Dear Dog, just curious..... Are you suggesting that you are the originator of the phrase, "light this candle"?


Yep. I though it up. If you google it, and you see all those other usages over the years, they're all LIES I tell you. LIES.


P-dog, I watch the races each week from my team's pit, but always enjoy reading your race recaps when I get back home. The "none of your business" remarks make me laugh out loud every time.

Thanks for the regularly scheduled chuckle.




Thanks Shari. It makes me insane when TV doesn't tell us stuff that clearly is our business like, ah, say, for example WHO'S IN THE RACE or that Marco had a raging wheel fire in the pit.

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