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October 21, 2009


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Pippa is great fun to watch and support. I'd love to be one of her sponsers if I had the money. COME ON POWERBALL!!!
I actually was suprised to hear how much she was losing her british accent when she spoke at the Homestead Speedway Vision Racing/IndyCar Downforce tweet up

Roy Hobbson

Bloody hell!! Why didn't you ask her if she started reading books b/c of the New Moon series like I told you to?!?!?!?


DAMMIT, Roy. I forgot. I bet she loves to cook as well, and loves the smell of pancakes (and bacon) in the morning. I suck.


Great interview Pressdog. I follow Pippa on Twitter and really enjoy her Tweets.


She's a much in-demand lady at the moment, it seems.

Thanks for the link to our old Iowa story - here are the first two part of our brand-new mega-interview/feature with Pippa at BritsOnPole:

* Pippa Mann: "Next year I'll be back – and stronger"

* Pippa Mann's Iowa adventure, in her own words


Great interview but I was disappointed that there wasn't more emphasis on the bacon angle. Maybe next time.

Pat W

Good stuff!
One of my traditions upon arrival at a race track here in the UK to get a cup of tea and a bacon roll.
Hope Pippa has a good ride for 2010 and thanks to Pressdog for bringing us Q&As with drivers from the rung below the main series (I'll read the BoP articles shortly).

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