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November 12, 2009


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Leigh O'Gorman

He is an absolute legend and up there as one of the best F1 journo's there is

Pat W

I absolutely love these. Most podcasts are interesting, fun, insightful etc., but with this series you feel like you've been educated, and by the coolest college lecturer in town.


This was quite informative... I need to find out who Gino is (as Joe didn't seem to like this guy...) :) :)

Leigh O'Gorman

@ AZZ045

He's the big guy with the goatee who's always at the back of the Ferrari garage.
He's (and one or two other Ferrari people) gone to work for Lotus' corporate affairs department.

...but yeah, a bit of a knob by all accounts.


Thanks Leigh

Pat W

This is a must-read from Joe, particularly the discussion in the comments:

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