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November 29, 2009


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Leigh O'Gorman

Interesting, very interesting, but EJ seems very hit and miss whereas Chip digs top end consistency.
I wonder how he'll do...

Brian McKay

Chip's people couldn't find money for Alex Lloyd or Whanica. I haven't read any story, but I'd hafta assume that Ernesto would bring million$. Otherwise, NHL would poach Justin or Oriol for merit.


It doesn't matter in today's INDYCAR.
But it is worth noting that last year Chip was quoted as saying if he started a team from scratch today one of the drivers he would be interested in would be EJ Viso.
Viva la VISO!

Andy Bernstein

How come when I go to IndyCar Buzz to read the twitter posts, I have to wade through meaningless details of your life?


Andy: You'd have to ask IndyCar Buzz that question. I have no idea why they display my Tweets.

Andy Bernstein

Thanks, that clears things up a bit. Sorry for presuming your intent.

The Speedgeek

Wait, Chip said that he'd be interested in EJ is he was starting a team from scratch? Is that in an "assuming that a new team is basically broke and needs a moderately talented driver with money" sense? I mean, this is the same guy who fired Nic Minassian after like eight races, gave Ryan Briscoe one whole season to get up to speed (with a junk Toyota engine), and prompted Jimmy Vasser to quip "there's no 'I' in 'team', but there is one in 'Chip'". The Chipster's not the most patient guy when it comes to paying for crash damage...

Trick Dickle

Maybe one day, Chip and Roger will actually hire an American driver again. Of course with this deal, we all know why Chippster would be interested in Mr. Viso. Money talks. He wouldn't "hire" him without it.

Its like guys like Penske and Ganassi don't even care (or don't understand) why the sport is so lame and not popular anymore in this country. Continuing to trot out non-Americans, who don't sell tickets and don't appeal to anyone, is why.

Really if Viso would go out and win 10 races next year for Chip, who cares? With Floyd's team, about anyone would win a race (especially on a oval) in the current IRL.

Mike R

I got a funny reply from my son when I shared this rumor...or is this "news"... with him: "Chip's 'parts and labor' budget just skyrocketed if that's the case."

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