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November 13, 2009


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Declan Brennan

Thanks Bill for the plug!

More coming over the next few days. :)


Why does "Oh for fack sake, Peter, that is in sane." makes me laugh hysterically every time?


I love this technology and love this USF1 series. has me chuckling at my desk every day.

Declan Brennan

It's 'for feck sake' and 'fecking' :)

That is the realtively polite form of swearing developed by the Irish. :)

David C. (@djcraske)

Hilarity ensues, though I think there was a need for "bloody" in there somewhere.

BTW ... I believe it's ... try it out!

Mike R

'get past the testing ban by entering it as a two-man bobsled in the Winter Olympics'...Declan, that's hysterical. Do you lay awake at night thinking this stuff up?!

Pat W

I believe the show 'Father Ted' demonstrated the correct use of the word 'feck':

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