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November 28, 2009


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Leigh O'Gorman

In all fairness, apparently there was a huge loss of city revenue around the usual time of the GP this year that made folk sit up.

It's an unreal amount of money to pay, but when garnering the money generated for the city itself, it begins to make a little sense.

That's $84m dollars generated every year, with $75m spent over five years - for the city, it makes sense


And think of all the revenue generated by those American F1 fans eager to watch USF1 compete for the first time. If they make the grid that is.


Even though I live in metro Detroit, I would make the trip to Montreal over Indy for my GP fix (if $$$ was good). The whole vibe well worth the extra expenses. JMO

Steve Barnes

Not to nitpick ... but ...

pressdog said "Apparently Montreal has come up with those crazy benjamins"

Maybe that should be "those crazy Queens" ...

Pat W

I have no idea what tickets to Montreal are but I'm headed to Spa-Francorchamps for 330 Euros which Google tells me is about 500 USD. If you're being charged much more than that for Montreal, you're being ripped off.. the place isn't Monte Carlo.. but you probably figured that out already.

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