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November 20, 2009


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The Speedgeek

Amen. I'm listening to the podcast right now, and when he started talking about focus groups and the 83-page document of fans' ideas, I said to myself, "Pressdog's gonna be spewing some beverage all over his MP3 player right about now."


Dude. I almost cried several times and my chair now has a huge stain on it. IMO the league should be trumpeting the shit out of everything he said, because it all made me feel about 47% better about the future of the league.


Completely agree, they need to clone this dude and make him the talking head of IMS

Roy Hobbson

John Lewis is a visionary. Not because he commissioned the Silent Pagoda -- but in spite of it. That egregious error notwithstanding, he GETS IT. And will do wonderous things for the League.

Mike Krapfl

Listening now...and feeling better about investing some time, money and passion in this sport. It looks like I'll keep taking my two boys to see some Izod IndyCars.

John Lewis...really...John Lewis?

Let's see who John Lewis really is...*Scooby Doo mask pulled off*


And he would have gotten away with it if it weren't for a meddling kid like me.

On the bright side, the Year of the Fan will last for a millennium.

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