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December 07, 2009


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Roy Hobbson

"this year we ordered a bunch of solar powered LED lights"

This was the least surprising thing I've ever read. And yet, I still feel incredibly selfish for my earth-destroying electric-powered lights.

Damn you, you selfless do-gooders!!!!! Quit making me feel evil!!

redd carr

sorry if I'm dense, but does this mean she's testing a stock car?


Yes. A stock car. In a place that I think starts with "Day."

redd carr

Yeah. The lake and everything. I was just hoping there was an open-wheel course with some lake I didn't know about.


Maybe she was talking about Homestead? On second thought its a medium track, small lake, and an Air Force base next door.

Great interview pdog! Thanks for perking up the off season!!

Steve Barnes

"rumor has it i won't be the only open wheel girl at the test"

Danica ... ya think ???

Mike R

No wonder she has a hard time finding a sponsor to put her in an open wheel car. There's nothing annoying or pretentious about her. She's so obviously normal and just seems to be a very cool person. Great interview and great answers. Hope the test goes well for Leilani...among other things meaning that the team shows up actually prepared to run a proper test, unlike her experience in the FIL car earlier this year.

Jordan Flipsyde

Your blog has an I liked the faith! You defend your interests, I get my light, nothing more.

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