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December 10, 2009


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redd carr

Sarah made a comment about training on a simulator for road courses. I thought she was strictly oval? Does she run road courses?


As part of her expanded 2010 schedule, Sarah will do a few road courses.

Furniture Stores

OMG... I soooo totally love Sarah Fisher. And the pink racing suit! oy!! :)


So excited to finally see Sarah on the road courses. That's just the next step to a full racing season! Can't wait!


Sarah's one of the coolest female drivers I've ever met (cooler than most male drivers too!) She's so "available to her fans", and truly makes you feel like you're an old friend when you meet her. So happy to see her moving up the chain... :)



Leilani Munter

Woohoo! Thanks Sarah for supporting the cause, love it! :)

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