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January 30, 2010


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I like the idea overall. The issue for him will be understanding which races excite people, and the Dallara/Delta Wing stuff. But, I do think that he'll be remeoved from the Split Politics, and that's a positive. Plus, I read the interview, and he seems to really get the fans. So I think it's a good thing. He grew PBR out of nothing, and Indycar at least has something built already. Hopefully he'll give us a decent scheduale for the 2011 season .

Trick Dickle

"Hopefully he'll give us a decent scheduale for the 2011 season."

Unfortunately, that's still Talkin' Terry's job. So expect more street festivals and money-grabs, instead of real races at real race tracks.

"90% show up to be thrilled, excited, enchanted, scared shitless. And there has been precious little of any of those in the last few years of IndyCar. Hence the lack of customers."

You are correct, Dog.

American drivers on ovals, in stable rides, marketed correctly, with everyone pulling the rope the same way, might actually work. Too bad its not been actually tried yet.


Actually, Trick, it has been tried your way, and it didn't work. Sorry, Peabody, YOU can get into your wayback machine and go back to 1996 if you want to. Those of us with intelligence and sense will go forth in this century.

Question-which I don't expect an answer to: Since you hate IndyCar so much; why are you here? There are plenty of places for people who share your view of the world.

Trick Dickle

Ahh, Eddie, still calling me out, I see.

Your attitude could use some work.

No Ed, American drivers in stable rides, on ovals, marketed correctly, with everyone pulling on rope in the same direction HAS NEVER BEEN TRIED. Not in this lifetime, at least.

It wasn't tried in 1996, no matter how many times you and others try to ignorantly say so. The rides for much of the IRL's existance HAVE NOT been stable. Hell, Graham Rahal still can't find anything right now. And he's Graham Freakin' Rahal. The sport has NEVER been marketed correctly. And until the past few years, the sport was NEVER one where all parties were pulling in the same direction (USAC/CART or CART/IRL).

So get your facts straight and come back with a little more knowledge next time.


I have to come down on Trick's side of this Discussion.

An all oval series as en-"visioned" by TG could never work as long as CART was competing against it. The split debilitated both forms of racing (ovals vs road coarse)and it might be time to test the all oval model without any outside competition. The current one sure as hell isn't working, is it?

High time to find out, if the finances can be found to make the switch. Is Mrs. Holman ready to take that financial gamble?

John S

P-Dog writing more in the off season than ESPN does all year! Any truth to the rumor that IRL races will feature clowns with red barrels on the front stretch? We're talking danger here.


Bull riding and racing share the clown tradition! The circus is always in town when IndyCar (or any other form of racing) shows up. I hope we cue the circus music many times this year (with no injuries, of course).

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