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January 21, 2010


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I agree with a lot of what Chip said. I do agree that the sport of racing does need to be relevant to the automotive industry, as these days in particular, companies no longer have the ability to finance things that don't relate back to their core business.

Having said that, it is fair to point out that Chip is part of the organization that is funding the Delta Wing project, so some of these comments can be construed as self-serving. Let me stress this, I am neither for or against the Delta Wing project-I don't know anything about it other than what has been reported-but it is fair to point out that when someone has irons in the fire, to not simply take their words as gospel.

If the Delta Wing project works and achieves its stated goal of providing more exciting racing at less expense to the participants, by all means think about adopting it. But that remains to be seen.


Chip? Self-serving? NOOOOOOOO. Never ever.

Savage Henry

I find it amazing that the only auto company interested in supplying engines is Honda. In an automotive market where fuel efficiency is at such a premium, if I were a car company I would love to be able to say that I manufactured a fuel efficient engine that was powerful enough to run 230 at Indy and durable enough to do it for 500 miles and win the race.

That sounds like a slam dunk to me. Who in the IICS is selling this? The cost of developing the engine could be recouped in free publicity and prestige. Also, they would probably be able to take what they learned on the track and directly use it in their street cars.

Somebody should be in the lobby at Ford HQ shouting this every day.

John S

Biggest myth in racing: "What we learn on the track we apply to street cars" True only if you wanna pay $100,000, go 200 mph and rebuild engines every 1000 miles. Biggest developments in street cars: hybrid, air bags, and antilock brakes none came from racing. Please disagree.

Drayton Sawyer

Formula one used to allow ABS, FW14B had ABS, it was the only way Nigel could beat Senna or Prost.

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