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January 06, 2010


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Why not target a much more popular (but retiring) talk show host from Chicago (closer to Indy as well...)???


I don't think she'd fit in an Indycar anymore, even the 2-seater.

Trick Dickle

Good for Sarah. She and her PR team "get it". Heck, she even got Hillary Clinton to show up at Indy 2 years ago.

This is almost as good a PR, as Mario Moraes wearing one silver racing glove to commemorate his idol, Michael Jackson.


Hey Trick... Clinton was running for this little thing called President & had a huge Primary fight in Indiana with the guy that eventually got the job... seems the Hillary PR people probably reached out to SF Hey who knows... maybe Illinois native Danica was backing Obama?

Sue: Oprah is surely not AJ Foyt huge.... & she may no longer be skinny OW, but she has hardly returned to rotund, 80's OW either.


I am a HUGE Sarah fan, always have been, always will be. I remember cheering for her when she was kicking butt in her little blue midget. She is one of few who “Gets it” when it come to Indy Racing. I applaud any one who engages in a public outreach to make Indy cars more visible to the general public. BUT, of all the people in the world to chose, why would she chose Ellen DeGeneres. I saw DeGeneres’ act in a local comedy club in the middle 1980's. Her “I like sex with dogs” act was probably the most lewd and crude public performance I have ever seen, and on top of that it wasn’t even funny. Sarah needs to be careful, this could rank right up there with Aerosmith singing the National Anthem.


Chris - think about some of the stuff you said and did in the mid-80s. Do you want to be judged now by what you said or did then? Didn't think so. If you haven't seen Ellen's acts, or her television show, since then, you should.


:) :) :) :) :) Thanks for the chuckles Chris!!!

Yeah, Ellen is sure Lewd & Crude... I'm sure she made Sam Kinison, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, & a host others playing to sold-out crowds in the 80's just BLUSH with shock!!! (Not)

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