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January 22, 2010


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John Oreovicz

Is the Andretti team really still capable of winning ANYWHERE? Even with TK in the seat? Gonna have to reserve judgement on that one...

Andy Bernstein

100% on the money, I'll be tuned in to my first ARCA Race.

The only point vis a vis SFR: They're running out of time to use the "we're the little guy" excuse. With a new and tested car at Homestead last year, they produced little result.

Trick Dickle

"With a new and tested car at Homestead last year, they produced little result"

Did you watch that race? 90% of the cars in that race "produced little result" compared to the 4 road runners. It harkened back to the "good ole' days" of CART, when the top 2 or 3 cars would lap the entire field by half-way. Ohh, the excitement!!!

When you have been on the shoe-string budget that SFR has been on, with NO BACKUP CAR, I don't blame them for being conservative. Its not like they have a snowballs chance in hell of ever competing with Penske and Ganassi anyway in the 2009/2010 version of the IRL.

BTW, I am sure Miss Patrick will do well at Daytona. She will be competing against a bunch of nobody's and junk equipment and restictor plate racing is more about luck then skill anyway. Milka and Leilani might too, if they have anywhere near the team and equipment that Patrick will have.

We'll see how they all do, once they get onto tracks that take actual racing talent to succeed on and a higher level of NASCAR. My hunch is, Danica and Milka will be pathetic and Leilani because of her stock car experience will easily out-shine them.


Since oen of "my people" (far right-winger Sarah Palin) will also be at Daytona waving to teh crowd and getting all "mavericky" with teh racing folk, I will probably check out teh ARCA event with TrackForum favorite Danica Patrick. And if I hear anyone boo her or say a nasty word abuot her, I will have them banned and I will publicly scold them like a 9 year old grammar school student. Cause that's hwo I roll. Go Danica!!! I wuv you!!!

I have to go now waste a few more hours of my time calling Obama and all Liberals inflamatory names and berating their few TrackForum members that we actually still let post. Its fun being me.

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