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January 12, 2010


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Very long have we been begging for this to happen?

The Speedgeek

Great news there, and I am very happy to hear this. I have one question, though: how is the overtake going to be "more effective" now? Before, it was "most effective" if you were using it while on the leanest fuel mixture, i.e. when running the lowest available level of power, so that the jump in horsepower was most graphic. Does that mean that that lowest power level is now the default "all the time" setting that the engines will be on? I only ask because I'm one of those fringe nutjobs who think that more power in an IndyCar is better. If they're achieving this increased jump in boost by further detuning the engines, I'm a little less thrilled.

Oh, and woe to the poor bastard who has to resort to the $90,000 Indy "short program" lease. That's one engine for up to 500 miles of practice and qualifying, plus Carb Day, plus the Race. That's a lot of miles to put on one very expensive engine...

Leigh O'Gorman

about bloody time


PTP is better because the HP amount has been doubled.

The Speedgeek

Ah. I see. Thanks for pointing that part of the release out, Dylan. Perhaps I should learn to read more better.

Concerned Fan

This was done so Honda can guarantee an increase in PTP HP.

Dario is probably besides himself with glee. They should just go ahead and crown the guy now, and save everybody else the trouble. It ain't no accident that he won the championship the last time they ditched the "knob." He would have won it running away if he hadn't started choking under pressure at the end of the 2007 season.

I get a kick out of the folks that care so much about the knob. The saving of fuel, whether by foot, or by knob, is totally hidden from the observer. If Jack A. wasn't obsessing about the knob during IRL broadcasts, none of the knob-haters would be the wiser. The proof of that is the number of knob-haters that don't even know that the thing was removed for the 2007 season.

Gee, I wonder why it was put back on after 2007. Could it be that the overwhelming majority of teams in the IRL want it there?

The knob doesn't negatively effect the quality of racing in any way. The most noticeable difference now that it's gone (again) will be the absence of teams that attempt alternate strategies on ovals.

Less ways to win means a more boring game. Pretty simple logic; probably lost on knob-haters though. Not everybody gets to be smart.

The question that remains is: What ever will you complain about now? I'm sure y'all will find something.


The difference is when there's no knob saving fuel comes down to driver skill, not the ability to set a fuel mapping knob in a certain position. That's all us "knob haters" want.


IIRC, a lot of the PTP in 2009 was used to stay ahead of another racer and keep from being passed, rather than being used to pass someone else. I thought that was rather interesting when I read about it.

The Speedgeek

Hey, Fan,
I'm not so sure I agree with you on the alternate strategies thing. How often do we see teams do alternate strategies, with one team doing full lean on the knob and one team doing full rich, and not having those strategies cancelled by a yellow? Just doing some thinking here, and I get Homestead last year, Motegi 2008, maybe a couple of other times over the last couple of years...that's about it. It's just not something that happens much, though you do quite often see and hear about guys doing the first 3 laps of a race at full rich, and then go right away into full lean mode. That's lame. If you want to save fuel, then do it with your foot. And you're probably right about all of us being none the wiser if Jack Arute would shut his pie hole about them. Only problem is, that genie is out of the bottle. Ergo, it's probably a good call to mollify the fans a bit, plus maybe this spices up the show some. Better to have most cars out there running 98% speed while trying (vainly) to save fuel than most cars running 90% speed simply because they're on Knob Position 4.

If Dario is the king of fuel consumption (and he is), then he deserves to have that advantage over the field. he shouldn't get one of his many skills cancelled out because there's a knob on the steering wheel that anybody can make go into "Dario mode".

One more thing: just read the TSO summary from today. Sounds like Patrick's got the same idea that I had, that the base engine power is going to be lower than last year to make the PTP more of a difference. Booooooooo! Let's see the ALMS Acura 4-liter!


Some nice technical changes this winter, I like it! This feature had to go, I'm glad they do it right now instead of 2012.

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