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January 09, 2010


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So basically sponsors would rather throw money at any level of Nascar rather than Indycar.

sly fox

Indy's OK, but there's nothing more exciting than a bunch of ladies swapping paint on the racetrack! Go Nascar women!


nice slam on the start of the Indy Car season- they deserve it and more...

and yes, I am looking very forward to the ARCA race!! I go to Roller Derby for the girls and wouldn't mind some of my racing action like that too!

The Speedgeek

In defense of the sponsors who are footing the bills for the ladies (and everybody else) for the ARCA race, you could probably put together a one race deal for the Daytona season opener for south of $100,000. Given that that sort of cash would probably be the IndyCar equivalent of a two-day test with DRR, that seems like a pretty easy call. Can't hate there.

The moral, as always: IndyCar needs to lower the price to play by about 40-50% with the 2012 car. God help us all if they don't.

Trick Dickle

At least I'll be able to watch the ARCA races in 2010 on TV.

Can't say that about most of the IRL schedule.

John S

P-Dog Clever Again

DC Williams

Funny stuff!

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