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January 26, 2010


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Exciting, not.

Mark in Oshawa

WHo is this guy? Boy..that USf1 thing is looking more the joke all the time....

Leigh O'Gorman

He's an ex-Renault development driver who competed with DAMS and Super Nova in GP2.
When he ran out of cash, he went back to Argentina to dominate a few touring car championships and get some sponsorship back together.

So now he's back and with 6000 miles of testing F1 cars under his belt, USF1 could have done a hell of a lot worse.
He may not be fastest on the grid by a long shot, but he's not as bad as folks are making him out to be.

Guys, it would be at least polite to let him jump in the car and do a few races before you tear him to pieces...

Leigh O'Gorman

Also, as stated previously, I believe Danica is the only US driver with a superlicense and I gather she might be a little busy this year.

However, there are rumours of a rule tweak that might allow reserve drivers track time on a Friday morning.
Should that rule be approved, it would be an excellent opportunity to run a young US driver, should the team see fit.


"Guys, it would be at least polite to let him jump in the car and do a few races before you tear him to pieces..."

I agree. I just really want to see a car that he can jump into.

On a side note, how did Danica get a superlicense? There are many US drivers who have turned laps in an F1 car. Maybe I'm missing something.

Leigh O'Gorman

If a driver finishes in the top-6 of the IRL standings, then they have two years to apply for their superlicense - it would be automatically granted.

The other US drivers around have either not finished high enough in a relevant series or have just not done enough testing miles




An interesting article here on USF1 drivers and lack of American possibilities.

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