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January 11, 2010


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Why the chicane on the long stretch? Throw a tunnel of SAFER barriers around it and let's go all out!

Trick Dickle

I hear Michigan Speedway (once they clear the snow off) and Richmond are still in pretty good shape. I hear you can even drive there, if you from this country.

Don't even need hire one of them fancy-dan "consultants" to play racetrack designer either.

Savage Henry

Firestone has been contacted to develop big, knobby SUV-style tires specifically for this race course so that the cars can get some traction on the gravel and ride 6-inches over street level so they don't bottom out in the pot holes. Rumor has it that the cars may actually hit 100 mph in the straights.

I keep on hearing how racing-obsessed Brazil is. I'm sure that there are perfectly good tracks there that don't need a 9-week rush job to get into racing condition.

Pat W

Just go to Interlagos. So what if they might look a bit slow compared to F1, it is a GREAT circuit.


They have the right idea in reusing the strip for Carnivale; repaving all that is not out of the question.

The problem I see with it is that most of the course has no room for spectators. Most ideas are stolen from Long Beach and Surfer's Paradise designs.


The race can't be at Interlagos because Bernie Ecclestone doesn't want it to be there. Bernie can dictate to most tracks what else is allowed to race there.

The course probably has more room for spectators than Barber Motorsports park. Barber has one grandstand and two grassy hills. Secondly, it's Brazil. People will watch the race from wherever they want.


Brazilian in house here. Actually that is my hometown. He is talking about how sao paulo will host the Indy and explaining each of the turns in the circuit. Chunter is right about them using the "sambodromo" is a 500m stretch that will be incorporated to the track.
And no they won't start the work 4 minutes after this is filmed because this is a heavily used area of town, in fact we are all asking ourselves how this will take place at all!!


I live in São Paulo, and I like the fact of having a Indy Car race over here, but as a Paulista I hated the place it's going to be held, The Anhembi Park, where the Sambadrome is. The track looks alright, as long as they do some serious improvements to the pavement, because it's bumpy as hell. However the issue is that the complex is next to Tiete river, a massive open air sewage thing, which in hot days just stinks, at 02'05 of this video you can see the horrendous landscape, very different from other famous street circuits like Vancouver, Valencia, Singapore, not to mention Monte Carlo.

I think Sao Paulo's tourist board failed big time.


Thanks for the comments. Good to hear from some people who know the city. I have no idea how long it takes to get a street course set up. Maybe they can do it in all in 6 weeks. I guess we'll see.


This will suck! 5/17 races will suck now! Brazil, Barber, Montegi, Infenion, Mid Ohio. It's hard to get pumped up for the 2010 season. So, this isn't even an atractive venue, as was previously reported. There will be what, one pass? Then straight on to Barber... Wonderful. First oval is Kansas, and last year that race wasn't that good, the tires were too cold and it was damp, very few passes. We could easily go until Indy or Texas before seeing a decent race. Then it's on to Infenion, Mid Ohio and Montegi. I wonder, is Indycar's scheduale designed to loose fans? And with so many disafected NASCAR fans, no Americans in F1, or an American race, and ALMS's Prototype division down to what, two cars? This the the perfect time to GROW INDYCAR! Instead, we get Barber, we get Mid Ohio, We get Montegi, we get Brazil, ect.ect. while Road America, MIS, Loudon, Phoniex, Fontana, Atlanta, Road Atlanta, Sebring, Cleveland, and more are without an Indycar date. Good move, Indycar. Of course from some of these comments, I'm not sure the track is even going to be built.

Trick Dickle

Hey Dylan, just wait until 2011 (which is the Indy Car's marketing slogan isn't it? "Wait until next year")...

When Wile E. Cotman helps design "race tracks" at Baltimore and Gillette Stadium, and more real race tracks like Homestead and Kansas are dumped, the ratio will be even better!!!

Just do what most of America Indy and forget the rest of the season.

The Speedgeek


Oh, my. I actually like that layout (long straightaway followed by tight corner = passing opportunity), but the going to take a LOT of repaving. That's obvious even at the 20 PMH that Felipe was going.

New, uncured pavement does NOT like being run over by race cars...

Alan McLaren

No offense to Sao Paulo's citizens but I think Rio could be a better place to host Brazilian GP. There's a long straight at Botafogo beach,(in front of Corcovado's Hill where Cristo Redentor are placed up) and large streets around there. And there's not too much bumps.

All the trouble here started with citizens from Flamengo and Botafogo's neighbourhood became annoyed with the possibility of a race near from their houses. "It will be very noisy". That kind of complains.
And later, our mayor gave up from hosting the race. He said it will cost too much money and a few other reasons.

P.S: Sorry if I wrote anything wrong!

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