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January 29, 2010


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Trick Dickle

Vision isn't dead. Remember Rahal "suspended operations" at about the same time last year, and ended up putting a Indy 500 deal together.

They will run at least 1 car at Indy. The family lives for the month of May and Indy is quite addicting. They have plenty of equipment ready to go and there are plenty of quality crew folks out there available. Plus they may be able to recoup some cash, by selling/leasing a car during the month to a new team....

And Ed has proven to be quite solid at Indy. He has 4 top 11 finishes (in 6 starts) and has finished in the top 10 the past 2 years. Plus he won the Freedom 100.

Everyone throwing dirt on TG and Vision's grave, might be dancing a bit early.

Travis R

P-dog - any word from Lauren George? I thought maybe you could get us some inside scoop on all this, since she's one of your Women of Pressdog...


I think the wheels are a-turnin', but we're not sure how just yet. Stay tuned.


There was a tidbit in Curt Cavin's article about Josie George's son Kyle Krisiloff "lacked the funds to keep racing" that kind of perked up my ears as it relates to this story. There may have been tension on a lot of issues around the management of the ICS or IMS, but I could see there being a real family dispute over why family money was being used to directly support one member of the younger generation (Ed Carpenter) while another was left on the sidelines.

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