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February 07, 2010


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I turned on the ARCA race out of curiousity and truthfully didn't expect much from Daniker. I was surprised to realize that I was--choke--sorta proud of her performance. To climb in a car that alien to her, against people with many more years experience and under all that media pressure, then to perform that well? I was happy for her.

I do think she'll end up full time in Nascar, but I think she'll stay another year in the IIRS. She does want to win Indy, remember. But I also think she's going to bring some fans over to the the IIRS and I think that's good.

Happy Birthday. Surprised there's no offical beer though...

Leigh O'Gorman

Damn sir... you are in a good mood today!! Happy birthday

Rick Hunt

Happy birthday and I commend you on the rejection of haterism. It's okay to hope everyone does well, and your favorites just do a little better. This is particularly true for the women in racing. I'm always cheering a little extra for them to succeed. I don't want my daughters to ever think that they can't do something because they're female. The more successful women in non-traditional professions, the better it is for everyone.

Chad Paff

Happy B-day P-Dog. Have you "lit this candle" yet?

Erin Crocker finished 2nd in her first restictor plate start in ARCA and had 5 top 10 finishes in 6 starts.

So, Danicker "winning" 6th place yesterday, should be put in perspective. Not nearly as "impressive" as some of the cheerleaders and defenders would like you to believe. ITS ARCA, remember. ARCA. Stock Cars version of low level minor league baseball.

And the incessent DW slobbering, was tiring if yet predictable. DW is NASCAR's #1 paid shill and propping Danicker up ("WOW, her eyes are so focused") probably helps him cash another check next week.

She is a mediocre talent, with a mediocre resume who has always driven top notch cars. That's not being a "hater". That's just being realistic.


I hear all the Danica spasms and pay no heed. She was P6. I give her credit for that. No more or less. Certainly didn't suck. No need to speculate if Danica packs the gear to succeed in Nationbusch and Cup 'cause we're fixing to find out. Your comments that DW is N-word's lap boy SHOCK ME. You think? One of the many reasons I don't watch N-word is the near relentless shilling and that everything seems to be decided based on what makes us the most cash. DW and the booth boys most certainly ruined the ARCA race for me with their incessant Danicagasms. I greatly prefer Versus's approach to their coverage. I honestly disagree on the mediocre talent thing. P5 in points and P3 at Indy doesn't seem mediocre to me. I agree she has always had the best hardware. I'd enjoy seeing her make due with some backmarker stuff, but that's just not in the cards.

The Speedgeek

I think I'm right there on the same page as you guys about yesterday's ARCA race. Dani had one of the best 5 or 10 cars in the field (fact: most of the cars in ARCA are ex-Cup cars, maintained and prepped by far sub-Cup teams; Danica's was a de-facto Cup effort, with topline horsepower and aerodynamics), Dani has extensive high-speed experience, which a good portion of the ARCA field certainly does not (hence why there were several accidents that featured drivers plowing nearly full speed into stationary wrecked cars), and Dani certainly got lucky several times yesterday (including during her spin; she could just have easily dug in a wheel and gone for a ride). Her situation yesterday was kind of like a novice 18 year old being let into a 9 year old's little league game. She spent some time getting used to things, but once she figured out how to use her "tools" (take that, Robbie Buhl!), she made the best of her advantage. All of that said, she did a pretty nice job to maximize what she had yesterday. Good on her.

Also, like you, I'm pretty disgusted with NASCAR and stock car coverage. DW sounded like he conducted yesterday's ARCA race with his pants around his ankles, going off multiple times about Danica's "focus" (which looked to me like she was terrified to look in her mirror or divert her attention away from the yellow line, but that's just my take), while your girl Alli Owens ran incognito in third place for 10-20 laps until somebody noticed her. That was ridiculous. Also, the lack of calling out by the booth guys on the aforementioned high speed wrecking drivers was pretty bad. Sorry, but if you can't be trusted not to, you know, lift off the gas when a yellow comes out or make an attempt to miss stationary cars, maybe you oughtn't be driving at Daytona?

I don't think Dani's done and dusted as far as going to NASCAR full-time by 2012. She's going to get a lot of leeway this year in Nationwide by DW, Marty Reid, Rusty Wallace and whoever else is doing those races (as you pointed out, Chris, it's in their best interest for her to succeed), but she'll have to be delivering in those cars next year if she's going to be taken seriously in Cup. If she can come up with the goods, good for her. I'm skeptical, but that doesn't mean she won't do it.

Oh, and happy birthday, P-Dog. Hope you enjoyed yourself today.


Thanks Geek. I you and I seem to have virtually the same opinion on most things. I appreciate your well reasoned and presented comments on the dog blog. Reading is always enhanced. I think she's very done and dusted for N-word by 2012 for sure, if not 2011. If Nascar offered Andretti a pile of cash to release her, they'd say ... OK. She probably has out clauses in her deal anyway. N-word doesn't much care how she does in the race, IMO, because the TV eyeballs and merchandise appeal is worth HUGE cash in a time when they need to get viewers back, if she's anywhere in the field. The only threat to this is if it stops being FUN for Danica. I could see her going Nationbusch full time in 2011 and running the 500.


Happy Birthday, Bill. Good piece, too.


First, a belated happy birthday to Mr. Pdog. I hope you had a great day, and your beer mug overflowed with cold frosty deliciousness.

As far as Daniker and ARCA, I watched, I laughed, I cried...well, Ok. I watched but neither laughed or cried. In fact, I nearly puked with DW and his constant praise of all things Danistar. I'm not, as you say, a hater, she just doesn't do anything for me. My respect for Mr. Waltrip could have gone up a notch if he had given, say, Alli Owens the same level of proppage for running 3rd he gave Danica (the entire race!), but we know how that turned out.

The Speedgeek

Thanks, 'Dog. Enhanced rading is your specialty. That's why I come here.

Only one follow up comment to your comment, RE: NASCAR stopping being fun. Might it stop being fun for Danica when she doesn't have a car that's clearly better than 95% of the other cars on the track, or when she's having to hustle an ill-handling car around a Richmond or Texas in traffic, instead of holding the foot to the floor and passing folks at will, like she did on Saturday? The novelty factor is certainly there for her as well right now, but I think the shine might start coming off the apple when she starts to struggle to run top-25, and that's just in the Nationwide cars later this year. I really feel like the best insight that she got on Saturday was what it's like for Dario, Dixon, Briscoe and Helio on your avearage mile-and-a-half, where they can drive where they please, pass who they please, and run right back up to the front even after encountering trouble. She's not going to have that dominating of a car every week in Nationwide, let alone Cup if she makes it up there, so will she be happy to do the Hornish thing, i.e. doing a lot of running around in the 20s and 30s, with a very occasional foray into the top-15? Granted, she'll be doing this while cashing huge checks for t-shirt and beer coozie sales, but don't most racers want to win? Maybe she's different, and is already thinking in terms of which island she wants to buy in Dubai, but I just think that if she hits tough times in Nationwide (which I think she will, but just my opinion), she's gonna get wistful for the twice-yearly podiums in IndyCar. That's why I think she'll stick around.

BTW, you and I need to hang. Going to K-City this year?


Good points, but what are Danica's odds of winning in IndyCar given she's not with the only two teams with a shot to win? Might you night want to cash huge checks when you are not winning, as opposed to smaller checks when you are not winning? I will be at KC, Iowa, Chicagoland and Indy Qualifying this year. We'll have a beverage or eight.


Good post pdog, what I don't understand is why a lot of individuals find in the now 5 years long media swirling around Danica a reason to hate her. Why the heck should it be her fault? That's something absolutely out of any kind of control, for her as for any sport celebrity. Even a 1 year old baby could understand this. So it's clear that these individuals don't want to. Any reasons?

The media stuffs is one thing, Danica as a driver, Danica as a person, is another. They are two things that HAVE TO be completely dissociated. Why the need to say something like "this or that announcer, this or that journalist makes me hate her".....what heck of an abstract reasoning is it? Is it logical?

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