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February 22, 2010


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Todd Gack

Why do we need to reach 235 MPH anyway?

And with so few ovals on the schedule and less likely for the future, its obvious that "speed" isn't really all that important with the current-day Indy Car model. You don't run 235 (or 135) on street or road courses.

Just pick an updated formula car/F1 ripoff that looks cool running on city streets and be done with it. That's probably all that will happen anyway.


No No No No No No No NO NO! Well, okay, so long as they change the slogan of the Indy 500 to "The Greatest Empty-Seat Spectacle in Tricycle Racing,"


I think the question shouldn't be, "Do we need to go 235?" but instead; "Why not put more horses under the hood?" Really, why not put a few more horses under the hood and make it look like a car?

Mike Miller

Listen to the fans bowlby... Listen..


"Only licensed suppliers may manufacture parts."

That's not open sourcing then.


Still not 100% sold on the appearance; like the comment, not necessarily the appearance. I will say the CAD rendering with the driver in the cockpit looks better than the model at the unveiling. Maybe it's just the angle.


How about a car with more then 300 HP? Maybe there's a reason race cars have more then that?


I agree with Joel. Sure, Ben, maybe the only way to reach 235 with less power is this shape, but....why is doing it with less power an absolute requirement? Auto industry relevance? Whatever. Even if you make the assumption that you have to go fast with less -- why not give it 450 hp and make it look like...oh, I don't know, an ACTUAL CAR?

Chad Paff

Chip Ganassi says, "Go long, with ExtenZe and DeltaWing!"

That thing looks dumber and dumber every time I look at it.

Steve Barnes

I just don't see where this car is "relevant" to the auto makers. I can't see a sedan or pickup truck or SUV using a tricycle wheel layout. And the idea that an 4 cylinder engine pushing out more than 300 HP ??? I can go buy a Subaru WRX STI with a flat 4 turbocharged 305 HP engine TODAY, and it comes with a warranty. Where's the "leading edge" technology in the DeltaWang ?? I just don't see it.

And "open source" ?? You could do it today with a Swift, a Lola, whatever, it doesn't require a three wheel batmobile to prove that concept (and as a concept makes little sense to me ... it works OK in the software world where the cost of development and implementation is measured in time, no materials required, not in the world of real parts that require upfront dollars to prototype, develop, and produce the parts.

If the DW becomes the choice of the IRL the only people who will be happy will be DirecTV. They'll be delighted that nobody is gonna want to drop their service to get Versus to watch these "cars" race.

Jim Bob

"If the DW becomes the choice of the IRL the only people who will be happy will be DirecTV. They'll be delighted that nobody is gonna want to drop their service to get Versus to watch these "cars" race."

Disagree Steve. Look at all the marketable stars named to rides recently. Versus phones have to ringing off the hook with the news that James Rossiter, EJ Viso, Hideki Mutoh, Ana Beatriz, Mario Romancini, Jaime Camera, Milka Duno and Sebastian Saavedra will all be racin' in the league this year.

Then get those kind of American heroes into the DeltaWing, on a bunch of street circuits, and you have a gold winning combination.

Mr. Bernard, you better be REAL good to make something out of this mess.


Jim Bob is hitting it right on the head. Again, I don't know of a single person who doesn't watch IndyCar now because the car is fugly or because the car is beautiful. They watch or don't watch because of their view of the actual racing. NASCAR's car ain't a work of art and a sprint car is pretty homely, but the crowd's show up. It's the racing, stupid.

Roy Hobbson

It seems as though site is getting a bit too professional & laced with journalistic integrity for my liking. It's making me all itchy. Bloggers aren't supposed to be doing the media's job, Bill. No -- we're supposed to eat Cheetos from a feed bag (HEY LOOK, NO HANDS!!!!) & make sophomoric jokes & otherwise draw the irrated scorn of those who do this for a living. You know -- because they do it so well. And we don't. Or so that USED be true, before your latest onslaught of Swift scientists & Ben Bowlby & "keeping it real."

Worlds are colliding, Bill. Knock it off.


Look at old CART (or Champ Car)videos on YouTube. The cars looked great and were scary fast! The in car camera shots were amazing. They made me hold my breath at times and wonder how can they do that? That's what should set Open Wheel apart from the immensely boring NAPCAR.

Make the cars look good (Swift please) and make them properly fast. As being promoted, make IndyCar truly the fastest racing on earth. Take our breath away with the cars speed and the drivers bravery. That will get more people watching and in the seats.

Trying to create artificial interest with this freak show called Delta THING is a huge mistake. Take Delta THING to the Bonneville Salt Flats and try to set the land speed record for a four banger. It looks like it belongs there, not in IndyCar.

I just hope the owners don't try to force this monstrosity upon the series and start the war to end all Open Wheel wars.

Jim Bob

"As being promoted, make IndyCar truly the fastest racing on earth. Take our breath away with the cars speed and the drivers bravery."

Again, this sport only is playing lip-service about being "fast" and about "speed". You think the first 4 "races" of the year are going to feature a lot of break-neck, balls-to-the-wall speed and action? Hell no.

The BS about "fastest drivers on earth" that IZOD is using is a flat lie. Not when the majority of your races are conducted at places where 120 MPH is the top speed for a lap. Not when you are likely to add more street festivals and drop ovals in the near future.

They can't have it both ways. NASCAR races on average, have faster speeds, then Indy Car races now. Of course, they don't promote being "fastest" or being "braver" or having a bigger "johnson" then everyone else. They try to promote competitive oval racing with a deep and competitive field of American race drivers. THAT is what matters in the end.


That is your OPINION, Jim Bob. There is not one FACT in your comments. Not that that bothers you in any way.


If YOU have an OPINION about the car concepts or the league, Edward, we'd love to hear it. If your purpose is to pick fights with other commenters by insulting them, take it somewhere else.


Take a look at some of the pictures from this site.

Anyone want to see this stupid thing as the next car? The folks at NAPCAR must be laughing their asses off.

Steve Barnes

Jim Bob, you said "Mr. Bernard, you better be REAL good to make something out of this mess." ....

Mr. Bernard starts working for the IRL on March 1st. Here's my prediction ...

About March 5th we're gonna see video of Mr. Bernard being taken out of the Indy Speedway on a stretcher and rushed into an ambulance. The audio will pick up the sound of him screaming things like ... "The effing bulls were easier to control than these team owners" .. "They're all batsh*t crazy in this place" ... and "We can sell AJ Foyt in a Speedo just like Danica in a bikini".

The man is clearly dilussional ... =8-)

Jim Bob

Thank you P-Dog.

Not sure what got Edward's undies in a wad. There were plenty of facts in my comments. The first 4 races, will not offer race laps or practice laps anywhere close to what will have been seen at Daytona, Fontana, Las Vegas or most any other NASCAR event.

If you want to sell "speed" and "excitement" (which is what Indy Car Racing and IZOD should be trying to sell to differentiate from other forms of racing) then Sao Paolo, Barber, St. Pete and Long Beach won't get er' done.


Wow, so Bill -- pressdog -- doesn't know one person who doesn't watch IndyCar because the car is fugly. Hard to believe. Well, if this DeltaWing abomination is successfully defended, you'll soon know thousands of people who won't watch simply because of a fugly car, mark my words. Never thought the IRL could put out a worse looking racing product than the Dallara, but the DeltaWing will prove me wrong.

And you might want to check those NASCAR attendance and TV figures, Bill (ignoring Ms. Patrick's uptick). Are you sure it's not the car? Just hope for NASCAR's sake that those Camaros, Mustangs, and Challengers are coming soon...


Yeah, P-Dog -- you've got to reconsider this one. NASCAR is pulling the wing because people hated its looks and attendance/ratings are down since the Car of Today debuted. It was supposed to: save money, make the cars race better/less aero dependent, and be safer. It has arguably missed on all points, with the possible exception of the last one. At least they can easily backtrack and pull the wing. That's going to be a little tougher with the tricycle.

If racing is all that matters, does everyone watch great lawnmower racing battles and think it's just as good? Do young men tape pictures of nicely-painted lawnmowers on their walls? F1 is immensely more popular despite its lackluster racing because the cars are sex-in-a-box.

And why the fascination with "open source"? How many people are running Unix/Linux on the computers they're typing on right now? Let's hope Indycar doesn't get as popular as open source computing...

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