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February 04, 2010


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Robin Miller's tailor

All 3 cars are unsponsored?

Gosh, those are sexy cars. If they were just called "DP-01's", I'd sign up for one today and AOW would be saved.

Hopefully the Chicken Wing design from Bowlsby is even more ravishing.

Pat W

I'll take 33 of the first one, please. Or even better - 17 of the first and 17 of the second.


That first car looks amazing! The second car is ok, but I don't really care for the third


Is it possible that Dallara leaked these images because they're trying to gather support for one of these designs, prior to the presentation of all the designs? Yes.

Mike from Ames

The maroon Dallara makes a great first impression. But the lines are a lot like the current car that everybody loves to trash. The red Dallara may be look a bit too much like a sports car, but it's growing on me.


all 3 are complete pieces of sh.....


I like #1 (maroon) off the bat. #2 looks DP-01-ish to me, but that's not a bad thing. I agree these are "evolutionary" and not "revolutionary," but still, more interesting than I expected. And, ah, yeah, I'm sure the impending Delta Wing unveiling has everything to do with these being out there now.


I think two, then one. 3 not so much, but they're all pretty cool.

Chad Paff

Put about 25 talented American drivers in any of the 3, and you might have something.

Cars really don't matter. Drivers do.

You can have the best, sexiest (whatever that means) and coolest race car ever created. But if they are driven by a bunch of Mario Moreaes's and Mike Conway's, it won't matter.


I swear I've seen the rendering of the third car before today.


I prefer concept 2, then 1... but both are really sharp! I do not care for concept 3.


#1 is too much like the current car. The color is cool, but not a fan of the fin in the back.

#2 More of a change in design. It just looks fast.

#3 looks as if someone felt they need three designs so they asked their 5-year-old to draw the Mach 5 from Speed Racer. UUUUgggglllllyyyy.


I like the yellow one. It looks like a true evolution of an IndyCar.


#1 please!


@Chad Paff

Talent > Nationality


find a sponsor for a talented Yank, Chad and he/she will get a ride in a second.

and I do matter.

Pat W

To those who want 30 Americans in ugly cars, go and watch N-word.
Open-wheel racing is about top talent from everywhere going to the US to race the best Americans (preferably lots of good Americans), and to try win one of the biggest races in the world.
And yes - the cars matter.

Drayton Sawyer

I'll take none of these cars for $1000 Alex! Should I phrase that in the form of a question?

Pat W

btw if this Delta Wing is as good as people say, I reserve the right to cancel my order above ;-)
although I do think we're in danger of over-hyping it before we've seen it


Let's have all 3...with 3 different engine manufacturers...and get to racing!

Tom G.

#1 looks like the old Riley Scott chasis.

#2 would be sweet

#3 - meh


Better than the crapwagons. Good, but not great. Indycar needs great, and revolutionary, in my opinion, to regain momentum. But I could live with these, I think. I guess I'll know more when Delta Wing comes out.


Still, I hope Lola or Swift get in before Dallara.

Trick Dickle

"Better than the crapwagons."

I thought that term got left in the fire with the rest of the bankrupt and defunct former series's ashes.

They are all formula cars built for road racing. Seen one, seen em' all.

Chad Paff

"find a sponsor for a talented Yank, Chad and he/she will get a ride in a second.

and I do matter."

Maybe we ought to get away from the "ride-buyer" syndrome, this sport has been stuck with for years now. It isn't exactly "working" and is killing the sport.

If your sport is irrelvent and unpopular, then good luck finding ANY sponsors; let alone one that will sponsor an American driver.

And no in the big picture, DRIVERS matter way more then cars ever do. NASCAR figured this out a long time ago. Indy Car is still twiddling their thumbs trying to figure out why nobody is watching anymore. Its not the Dallara. Its the people driving the Dallara.


Chad, I'm not going to argue with you, I'd win WAY too easily. Please go away and troll somewhere else, if you hate IndyCar so much. Don't bother coming here if all you're going to do is complain and criticize everything. (Sorry, P-Dog. But ignorance only triumphs over intelligence when intelligence does nothing to stop ignorance. And I do try to stop ignorance at every opportunity, as futile as that can be sometimes.)

Pat W: I'm starting to like you better now.

Back on subject, I like all three designs. But the key, of course-which hasn't been mentioned-is how the cars perform once they have gone through the required tests. A beautiful look is nothing if the performance isn't there.


I'll take Kanaan, Helio, and even Dario in a personality contest with Jimmy, Jeff, and The Shrub. The most interesting driver in N-word won an IRL title first (no, not Sam :)

And ask anyone that used to drive a G Force if the car matters.

BTW anyone see the IZOD cars at the Super Bowl? Those are one of my favorite looking chassis.


Keep your eye on #3 you will see something similar to that next week in Chicago....


With #3 note the difference in the background and overall production quality of the image - this one was rushed and last moment - Dallara's way of saying "You want a Delta Wing, We'll give you Freakin' Delta Wing"

#1 is Dallara 3.0, #2 is Formula 1 light.

Drayton Sawyer

I doubt the Delta Wing looks like #3, the Delta Wing is supposed to be wingless.

Leigh O'Gorman

This reminds of a few years ago, when I - for a short time - was going out with an absolutely stunning looking young lady. I mean, she was very sexy...
The only problem was, she wasn't an awfully nice person and so the relationship didn't last.
So, in light of that little quip, why are people casting aspersions on these drawings? They are after all only drawings...

Unless we have all suddenly become experts on the designs of these cars and can decipher the aerodynamic and mechanical grip numbers, then surely all this conversation is a load of hot air.
Just because a car is pretty does not make it good for racing - for all we know the fugly third car could be the best racer of the lot!
Aren't we all just arguing on which is the prettiest...

John S

That theres a lot of comments. All look good to me, until they add the HUGE camera pod on top.

Dale Nixon

Good thing you posted these now, because at any minute Hot Wheels could call for their models back.

Chad Paff

"And ask anyone that used to drive a G Force if the car matters."

Some of you (as usual) aren't getting the point.

The chassis or the engine used mean VERY little, to the overall popularity and interest in a racing series. VERY little. They only seem to matter to the absolute diehards and (coincentaly) former CART fans, who still refer to the Dallara as a "crapwagon".

Again, if the driver lineups don't change significantly in favor of American-born drivers in the near future, it WILL NOT matter what chassis is ultimatately chosen for 2012 (if we even get to 2012).


I get your POINT but I disagree, Chad. The aesthetics of the car are important, along with other things, including American drivers. An all American field in ugly rectangles wouldn't be as popular as a mixed nationality field in a very cool-looking car, in my OPINION.

The Speedgeek

I'm with Pressdog there. Also, the car matters because one of the largely untapped groups that I'd hope that we're trying to attract to the series are "car guys". I know several people who are racing fans who could give a crap about IndyCar, because they don't find 24 guys driving identical cars at all appealing. "Car guys" are really only served in American motorsports by ALMS right now, and with teams and manufacturers pulling out, anybody who is interested in a variety of cars is being grossly underserved. I still believe that IndyCar could pick up a lot of fans (I'm talking about people who read Car & Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, etc.) by making the cars interesting: multiple, attractive chassis and multiple engine manufacturers. These things don't have to cost $1 million each. The original 1996 IRL car was built to a price ceiling. Why can't the new car be built to one as well?

I like cars. I like race cars. Any of those teaser cars is OK with me, even if I like some of them more than others.


I do think multiple chasis sounds good. Lola, Swift, delta Wing and Dallara. There would be an incentive for each chasis manufactuer to make the cars competive.

Vapor King

I also like the multiple chasis. Excellent post. I'm loving the concepts!

truck rental

Those are truly nice cars, but I can't see even one reason for me to drive them, well. only if I will be a F1 driver or something :)

Salvage Car

Good collection of Images of 2012 Dallara.I really like it to see.

Erwin Calverley

If I were a car maker, I'd definitely mass-produce these concept cars. With these awesome designs, I'll definitely fill up my bank! Yeah!

whmis course

wow these cars are really awesome, I like the yellow one, i am a fan of grandpree these races are really awesome and breathe taking.

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