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February 09, 2010


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For some additional cred attach photocopied images of RECENT races you have attended. You are allowed one paragraph for just being a fan, then an additional paragraph for each race attended. Want to say more? then you need to invest more also. It's a two way street.


Yes. Exactly. Awesome idea JP.

H. B. Donnelly

Be polite to him -- not for the reasons listed above, but because he may jump out of that photograph and beat you down with a fuel hose!

Pat W

Great idea, and I love the non-hater vibe on the blog at the moment. It was what it was, let's move on.
I hope my fellow non-US fans will contribute, the management needs to know we are watching the races too. I'll have a think of what to write.

Leigh O'Gorman

My non-US contribution will be sent after work


Awesome. Much pressdog love for everyone who takes the time to drop Randy a respectful but honest note. I'm getting mine in the mail this weekend.

Vicki H.

P-Dog - just a note to your girls - "You have an amazing dad!".

Thanks for this post - possible the best I've read (not counting the one Robin wrote about hubby a few years ago) regarding our beloved sport and being a good person. THANKS!

My letter and pix are on their way.


Manly tears, Vicki, but you and everyone else who takes the time to let Randy know are the rock stars here. If the boss asks for your thoughts, and you don't take the time to give them to him, then you give up your right to bitch later. That's how pdog rolls.

Leigh O'Gorman

I did an open letter which is also here:

Letter-ised version was posted yesterday!! Go Royal Mail - go!! Find your quarry and deliver forthwith...

Catie R

Just saw this idea! I'm on it. This is a great idea!

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