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February 15, 2010


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The Speedgeek

I'm all light headed. THAT, fella, is what I'm talking about. The "action" part of the equation is going to take some time (the season is still four weeks away, after all), but letting the fans know that you care by saying so in exactly as many words, and giving concrete examples of what you're doing to pay attention to the fans is something that can be done with something as simple as a candid e-mail exchange with a blogger.

That's not a golf clap you're hearing from my corner. That's a full-on Texas-sized round of applause. And it's directed at you, Pressdog, and it's directed at you, John Lewis. Great questions and great answers. I'm feeling pretty good about things right at the moment. I just wish it weren't four weeks until Brazil.

Andy Bernstein

Excellent interview, questions were smack on.

Mr. Lewis presented himself as a great spokesperson for IICS on his "Trackside" appearance, and some people wrote with questions about why his public role is not a more prominent one.

His analysis reads as a bit clinical, and I hope he genuinely devotes time to continuing a dialogue with fans. Many of the simplest problems to correct require far less research than a Simmons-Experian survey.

And I do hope that is a "Simmons" who is not in my vinyl collection.

Andy Bernstein


The pdog is equal op. I've been meaning to shoot Qs to Lewis, then when I went all grand mal whiny on everyone a few days ago, I thought I better let him go on record. Fair is fair. HUGE props to Amy Konrath in IndyCar PR for rigging it. She's good people.


"too much cynicism and negativity follows this sport." I'm shocked, Rick, shocked...


Great interview Pressdog!


Good job, P-Dog. Another great interview. And a tip of the hat to you, Mr. Lewis.


I second what everyone has said. Great job, P-Dog and Mr. Lewis. This is what I was hoping the IndyCar series would be doing as far as fan outreach.

Osmo Dingdale

Dog: Be good enough to raise with Mr. Lewis the ticklish question of crashes, per green flag mile, upon the psychological stability or (as it were) instability of the average bloke who witnesses them. At what point ought there to be counselors present at these races? -Osmo Dingdale, Moonbeam, Ind.

Roy Hobbson

Those two look like they're headed out to a Jars of Clay concert in that picture. AVERT YOUR EYES!!!

(Solid interview, Bill.)

Oval and Road Racing Fan

I have been following this sport since 1962. My first race was at Milwaukee that year and AJ won. I have been to Milwaukee lots of time since and Road America a few.

First off, the whole racing is so much better than before the split concept is Split War BS, and anyone who is still peddling, "we're better than CART", needs to step down. 1) The war is over. 2) No matter what you may think of them, those races had ratings you can only dream of now. 3) I doubt many CART races had 3 seconds separating the top 5 in qualifying. I sure don't remember that, and I saw every race on TV or in person.

If I were to make one suggestion it would be, quit trying to be NASCAR. I watched Daytona Sunday, IT STUNK! A big parade where no one could pass except by luck. The less our races look like that, the better.

The CART era races may have only had 4 cars on the lead lap at the end, but those cars were in a battle to win and the outcome was not certain, because the second place car had a real chance to pass the leader, which is not true now.

We need to do the following.

Quit closing the pits/shorter yellows.

Allow open setups, no more areo setup rules.

Larger fuel tanks so there is variation in fueling strategies.

Standing starts on road/street races.

But those are minor. The real need is to market each event much better. Market the Championship better. Market the drivers better. If all our top stars had been marketed as well as Danica, we'd have more fan interest.

Keeping star drivers when we develop them. I was amazed at the number of ex open wheel drivers in the Daytona 500. If we had Stewart, Hornish, Almendinger, Montoya, Speed, and Papis in our races, and they were marketed properly, that would go a long way to reviving ratings.

Have more than one chassis, more than one motor, and dump the idea of spec cars. The series should not be designing or picking cars. Publish a set of rules and let the owners decide what to run. Indycars has always been open wheel formula racing where anyone who built a car or motor that fit the rules could race. We need to return to that.


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