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February 23, 2010


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race fan

I love her; she's smokin' hot. I have seen almost every Up To Speed episode. I'd like to be a racer so I could spend time with Lauren. She's so smart, skilled, talented and cute.

Lauren fan

I've been around Lauren, she is a total sweetheart and her smile...I'd love to see that everyday.


Whatever, the fact that she's dating TK, just goes to show she's a groupie like all the rest.


I nuked a comment that was here -- talking about someone's family is out of bounds.

Gina fells

How you guys could like or appreciate a person that start to date TK when he was still marriage with the mother of his son.
Leo was just 1 year old,and she was dating TK,while Daniele was taking care of the baby.
Common guys lets get the true
Everybody in IRL hates her,non of the wife's even talk or chat with her
That's why TK got divorce

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