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February 09, 2010


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Roy Hobbson

Sweet Mother Mary of Jesus.

Savage Henry

I only have a very vague recollection of some driver that wants to start driving taxicabs. What was her name?

H. B. Donnelly

Savage Henry, I think I remember the person you're talking about...Dan-something? Danielle, maybe? I dunno, my mind has been officially put into reset mode.

Mmlle. Dufault looks like one of the models the F1 folks hire to be grid girls...except she's jump in the car when it's time to race! Trés Bien!


pressdog, how do you pronounce her first name?
mary-eve, mary-ev, mari-ev??
also, do you realize our homegirl Jill George was the one who survived that ugly wreck in the ARCA race?- got to see her at Dubuque last summer and she said hi to my girls...
seems to be fine today! just got an e-mail from her


I think it's Mary-Eve, as in the two names mashed together. Shoot Jill George my URL or email ([email protected])! Fellow Iowan. I'd love to talk to her.


I was impressed with the quality of Maryeve's answers. Pretty sure she wrote them all herself and emailed to me. She's well spoken and she hit the "how much skin" stuff head on. Props to her.


Great questions Dog, even more impressive answers from the young lady. I only hope she is as fast on track as she is hot looking in photos.

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