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February 22, 2010


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Roy Hobbson

BAM!!! That's how you interview, right there! Good on you, Mark Page. You too, Bill. You too, Swift #33 - you lucious dame you.

Allen Wedge

Pressdog continuing to go where no one else has gone before; connecting the fans.

Great piece; great information!


Wow! Great job in the interview, and good for Swift giving Pressdog an interview. Swift's done a really good public relations on their car, getting the message out to fans, and Delta Wing is trying to sell their trike, while Dallara is doing what, exactly?

Rick Jones

First of all your designs are beautiful. What I'd like to see in Indy cars, especially at Indy, are cars that accelerate out of the turns and then they have to break for the turns. Can we see a design that removes the wings, relying on aero conscious side pods, and body work, and especially mechanical grip?

Tom G.

YHe had me at "fans"

Wow. A company that cares what the fan base thinks. What a concept! I think we have found the new Indycar Director of competition.

awesome interview P-dog

Mike from Ames

Nice work, Pdog. And thanks to Swift for mingling with the fans. This chassis competition is going to be very interesting. Personally, I love Swift's throwback idea of an exposed engine and the wavy lines of the 32. But efficiency is going to be a big part of motorsports' future. Running 200 mph with 300 horsepower impresses me.

Ryan Worden

Great article P-dog. Hopefully IndyCar listens to the idea that even if another chassis is picked (I'm split between Lola and Swift, but also love the Dallara), the other manufacturers could be used on components. Giving the main manufacturer the initial run of cars and then letting anyone tweak them (within rules) would make for fantastic racing and great looking cars.

My Name Is IRL

The IndyStar called. They need to know if they should make the check out to "Bill" or "William" or "Pressdog Inc".

Seriously though, THANK YOU for your fantastic work tracking down an interview with one of "the other" chassis designers. I sincerely hope Dallara and Lola offer a few words of enthusiasm as well.

Travis R

Great job, pDog! Keep it up!


Good stuff. To the twitter mobile!


Anyone of the Swift design's would work just fine for me. Build one for $50K less than the Delta THING and make it considerably faster than the current Crap Wagon and you have a real winner. A great looking car that is scary fast will increase the fan base.

Delta Wing's design goals are good, it's just too ugly and NOT an IndyCar. It has NOTHING to do with the history of North American Open Wheel and should have no place in the sport.


That was as fine a piece of journalism as you will find in any publication, racing or otherwise.

It's great to hear about all of the factors going into designing these cars. If Swift can keep the price down, allow for different engine manufacturers, and do something about the aero problems, they've got my vote. Have they mentioned where these cars/parts would be manufactured?

BTW I like the nose on the FN09 much better than the Indy concept.


Hate the Delta Wing there isn't a Swift concept that is any better. I am not that big a fan of Indycars with less Hp than my Stock Charger R/T.

Swift would have to change it a bunch to make me still interested in IndyTrike.


Love, love, love the fact that Swift is listening to fans and like the lights, mushroom cloud layer, and lights. I'm ready to sing off on this...if only Tony Cottman had a say in this, I'd be willing to give it my seal of approval.

Leigh O'Gorman

Great interview.

I've said it once and I'll say it again and again - the lights on the car is a nice, pretty addition, but I believe thing's like the mushroom buster are the way forward

That's the kind of thing we need to be pushing, as it may help the racing - which at the end of the day, is what we want the most, right??

Leigh O'Gorman

@ Mark,

I was under the impression that the Swift cars and spares are to be built in California


Of all the designs, I like the Swift designs the best. And when you read an interview like this-kudos as always, P-dog-I begin to understand their views better. I would even love to see something similar to Swift's Formula Nippon car.


Love the Swift "32" & especially the Moto GP exposed mechanicals. Would think engine manufacturers would love this too... showcases their motor much better than any decal would.

The only negative of the Swift is sponsorship might be a bit tough


The only negative about the swift is sponsorship?

What about that engine on the back... the one used on their current cars that also happens to be the one used on the current Indycars as well?

Sorry, but none of the owners are going to be signing up for another Honda lease after 2011


Scott: Are you freakin' kidding me? You are seriously losing your mind because the Swift designer used a HONDA logo on their model? Are you also pi$$ed that they put a bloody IZOD logo on the car too??

What fools for using an engine that has stayed LOYAL to the ICS (sarcasm meter on "11") Why would Swift drop an Audi or Subaru logo onto their concept when ZERO new manufacturers have stepped up to the series.

Also where did I ENDORSE Honda or any concept of LEASING in my support of the Swift design???

Pat W

Firstly, sorry I'm late, and secondly - wow! I've decided Swift should win purely because Mark Page rocks. Great ideas of their own, backed up by fan input? What's not to like? Where do I sign? I mean I like the Lola too, and the DW concepts are sound.. this is a tough call but I'd take the Swift.
Pdog: top notch interviewing, squire.

Steven Roy

Acceleration and braking lights on a top level single seater? Seriously?

I think Bowlby's design has no chance of producing good racing. I am sure it all makes perfect sense in the wind tunnel, CFd etc but one crucial factor has clearly not been simulated properly. If you put a field of those cars on a track all you are going to get is crashes all day long. Drivers will see a gap they can stick their nose in and then discover the rear is twice the width of the front and you get a pile up. No doubt I will be told that they are professional drivers but all their careers if they had a gap in front of them that their nose fitted in they could make the rear fit in it.

I also refuse to believe that the front end of that car has enough mechanical grip to deal with hairpins etc.

I love that fans are being consulted but surely the IRL has far more important issues they should be engaging with fans on than car design. In the end if the racing is great no-one cares about car design. They have to sort out the finances and grow the audience and that is going to take more than attractive cars.

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