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February 11, 2010


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Most NASCAR fan forums have already turned negative and are complaining about the incessant coverage. Although she "won" sixth in the ARCA race with a car that may be arguably the best ARCA car to every grace a race track, she is still a novelty in the eyes of many. The media and others have a huge investment in her success, but she has a long way to go to capture the hard core fans. Most IRL fans got tired of the hype, so I wonder how long before the NASCAR fans yell "enough".


That's why I have hope that TV will pull back on the Danica focus, because they can't alienate the other drivers' fans. It will be better for everyone concerned, including Danica.

Chad Paff

"I wonder how long before the NASCAR fans yell "enough"

Probably about 50 laps.

The Danica story will be played out and worn out by about March 1st. Sooner or later, her talent will be exposed, then she will take her 4 month sabbatical to the .nothing ratings of Indy Cars and then by the time she returns to NASCAR in late June, the actual RACING season will be underway and people will be talking about points and race wins and that sort of stuff.

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