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March 03, 2010


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I love the information I get from this webpage but sometimes you opinions seem to get in the way. Don't you think Dallara and Swift love giving interviews to someone who already said that would stop watching if DeltaWing (the car furtherest along in development, with the most support on the paddock) gets picked?


Who cares WHY they talk to me? During my nine years as professional newspaper reporter nobody once cared WHY someone gave me an interview. Seems to me it's an issue of fairness to give each maker a chance to explain their designs, etc. DeltaWing is well on record talking about their theories, etc. My only motivation here is to give fans similar information from the other makers.


In defense of P-dog, that's the nature of the beast when you run your own blog- he doesn't have a seperate "opinion page staff" and a "news staff"- he has to be all of them at once.
Now just because he's stated an opinion on something, doesn't mean he's not able to ask tough, un-biased questions in an interview.


Yeah but this post is written as news story.
It lacks the honesty of saying "As someone who has already dumped on DeltaWing tell me what's wrong with it so I don't need to defend what they are doing."

The Speedgeek

Yeah, I see what you're saying, Jeff,'s a blog. There's no mission statement for "fair and balanced" anything here, I don't think (though I may be wrong, maybe it's in the bowels of the Wordpress engine somwhere). Plus, I don't really imagine that anybody is going to form their opinion off of just what gets written on this site.

'Dog's right, anyway. Gordon Kirby has written roughly 238,000 words extolling the virtues of the Delta Wing. Marshall Pruett has written about one half of that amount. Robin Miller has written a couple of columns about the Delta Wing as well. I appreciate those viewpoints, but I think it's interesting to get similar (sound bite-friendly, but still insightful) takes from the other interested manufacturers.


Points taken. But as someone who reads Pdog because the love information he gets I feel shorted when he uses his platform (and it is a big platform) to make what I feel is such a narrow opinion of where AOWR can go.
Just my two cents...
Maybe I should comment more or stop reading. It's a free country...


I don't feel like any reasonable person giving this a fair reading would come away thinking it's slanted any way, pro or con, any potential chassis maker. I'm just asking the questions I think fans want to know and letting the interviewee answer however he or she wants. I can assure you Mr. Toso's answers are unedited, or I'm quite sure I would hear from him about it. Plus, as big as anyone thinks my platform is, let's not kid ourselves. The vast vast majority of IndyCar customers have no idea what a "pressdog" is. I certainly have no illusions about that.

Mike R

Seems the blog has become slightly more like "news" lately, which is fine. The humor aspects will return/remain at the appropriate time, I'm sure. I appreciate the info you're sharing here, P'dog. I don't see Speed or anyone else really giving it up so freely and it fair and balanced.

Roy Hobbson

I can't help but picture you writing this on a 700-pound IBM Selectric typewriter in a dimly lit study, wearing a fedora & smoking a Pall Mall while screaming at your secretary to bring you a Rob Roy. Which she of course does -- prompting you to thank her by slapping her on the ass. Oh, and there's a pistol on your desk too. And yesterday's horse racing results from Pimlico.


Mad props to you. (And also your secretary, bless her heart.)


Hobbson makes me laugh aloud.


Did anyone see the caption on the first photo in Dallara Magazine? It was wrong. The two drivers in the photo are Ed Carpenter and Justin Wilson. Seems odd that a company looking to sell a car to a series wouldn't know who was driving them.

Just saying.

P.S I think it's a great idea to get more information from the other manufacturers. I, for one, would love to hear more from Swift and especially Lola.


I'm here to serve, Spencer. All about Swift:

JESUS Hobbson, do you have a camera in my office? ... Now get me a Scotch and water, doll.

Demond Sanders

LOL at the above. Has anyone else noticed the inverse relationship between the health of the ICS and the quality of its blogging?

It's freaking me out.


Just added a bunch of links at the end of the post to the same kind of thing on Swift and all the DeltaWing stories elsewhere.


Interesting comments from all you guys.
I confirm that my answers to Bill's questions are all unedited.
Here is a request from me... please, and you are really welcome, ...bring to the table counter arguments to evidence the weak points in my reasoning. Thanks again


Thanks for the information. Always a pleasure reading this site.


I would question exactly how much of the proposed cost cutting would actually be realized by the teams with the Dallara plan.

Right up front there is zero savings from an engine perspective. Chassis cost cutting alone will not make it affordable to run the series if the attendance/tv ratings trend continues as it has over the past 3 years.

Also, when you consider that many teams are already fielding equipment that is several years old at a discounted rate you simply cannot argue that the field fillers will realize a total operations cost that is more than 10% lower. In many cases, teams that rely on second hand chassis would see far greater financial burdens in 2012 because they will be forced to purchase all new equipment and write off the used equipment they already own.

We know that the field will be greatly leveled during the first 1-2 seasons under a new package because the individual development work to stratify the performance will not be in place. However, we also know that the teams who have more substantial funding will again have a significant advantage by the 4th and 5th years of such a package. This is already a major contributor to the overall lack of intrigue in the league as it exists and the proposed package does nothing to overcome it.

The problems within Indycar racing go well beyond the base cost of a rolling chassis. I have the utmost respect for the the accomplishments and performance of Dallara and the company's employees. My concern is that the proposal does not offer the kind of paradigm shift that could fully divert the series away from the unsustainable path that it is on. What I see on the table is merely an extension of the current paradigm that can do no more than postpone the inevitable.

David B

I really hope Dallara gets in (they're my number 1 option).... or Swift... or Lola... Or even BAT Engineering....

As long as Delta-Gross doesn't get the decision, I'll be happy. If Delta-Wing gets it I'll have to find a new favourite motorsport :(

I don't want to watch people racing in phallic shaped motorised tricycles.


my reply to Scott. We are not involved with the choice of engine. My honest perception is that there will be considerable ( -20% !? ) savings in this department too. An architecture smaller than the current V8 is going to hit the track for sure.
On the chassis department, the current car was designed in an era of comeptition ( Panoz, Gforce ) current parts are over engineered, light weight, but are frozen in design. Multiple parts serve for road courses and speedway, the new chassis coould and should be designed with multifunciton and longer life in mind.
In racing, especially at the Indycar level, the equipment has a limited life, it is hard to think to use it safely over multiple seasons. teams can be informed now to phase out their equipment over the 2010 and 2011 then use the cars as show cars.
One compelte car, current spec , full of options for road course a speewady, ( two suspensions, two brake package, two aero config, two noseboxes, a bunch of radiator opitons ) is close to 750 k$, let's say they use the same car for three years. teams spend 500k$ per year in spares and crashes ( highly varibale tough! ), so it is 750/3 + 500= 750 k$ per year per year, with the current package.
New car could come at <400 k$, spares down to 250$ per year. With simple maths 650 k$ < 650 k$, you see that it is already less expensive for a one yar budget!!!

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