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March 10, 2010


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John Oreovicz

That's a good story, Bill. Thanks for putting the effort in.


well done pdog thanks!


I describe this as pure journalism.

Mike from Ames

Thanks for putting all the news of sponsor searches in a much broader context. In this Twitter age, I appreciate the depth of these two stories. Nice work, Mr. Pressdog.


Thanks for the props, everyone. Glad you dug it. Everyone I contacted for the post was most fabulously cooperative.


Dear Mr. Dog,

This is a very well written and insightful piece that really connects with me, as I am a professor of marketing with research interests in marketing communications, which, of course, includes branding. I think this article may connect with my students as well, and would like your permission to use it or parts of it for future discussions on branding. I would be certain to provide whatever sort of attribution you would prefer in the presentation, and would do my best to maintain the spirit of the piece regardless of the format I use to present it.

Thanks in advance,
Edmund Hershberger, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Marketing
Southern Illinois University Edwardsville


Help yourself, Dr. Hershberger. Just give credit to "Bill Zahren,"

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I describe this as pure journalism.

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