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March 25, 2010


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When pigs fly :)

Mike M

Diary of a MADMAN!!!

I wonder how the large Jewish Population in NYC will feel about a man who said, "Hitler knew how to get things done", holding his circus in their town??

Bernie clearly was recently watching CSI:NY where Danistar put in an appearance as a "Formula" driver versus an exploding Antonio Sabato, Jr. in an exhibition street race in Manhattan before the "New York 400" (nice the producers know nothing about racing).

They DID show a KERS like system though that was "in development" but at the end of the day the team owner was the one who sabotaged the car to make it explode. So maybe they DO know racing?

That episode must have made it finally to whatever castle Bernie lives in.


He talked about Indy and now this, knowing Bernie he likely has some real talk with one track (Laguna? Daytona?) and is using this idiocy to put some pressure.

PS: Happy 28th Birthday TO Danistar today.

p-dog, there's a better chance of you starring with Danica in the next GoDaddy commercial...

The Speedgeek

Here's my favorite part:
"[It would be] in front of Manhattan in New Jersey, with the skyscrapers in the background," Ecclestone said in Thursday's Gazzetta dello Sport. "Fifteen minutes from the center of New York to the circuit would be marvelous."

15 minutes? Is Bernie also pretending that New York traffic is going to disappear for his race weekend? Or that it'll part like the Red Seas for him?

Why is this post not labeled, "F1 - Humor"?

The Speedgeek

Extra hilarity: literally three minutes after I posted the above, the radio show I was listening to mentioned that a recent study shows that traffic in Manhattan averages 9 1/2 miles per hour. OK, folks, draw your 2 3/8ths mile radius circle around midtown Manhattan. Bernie's circuit is somewhere in there.


Yeah, there's a thousand reasons why New York City won't hold a street course, the first being the expense/infastructure this would involve. Shutting down the streets of New York for that long,yeah right.

There is, in the Forza X-Box360 games, a fictional Times Square Grand Prix track. And it actually is a fun track, but at 1.8 miles long, to short per F1 rules. Plus, again, cost/infastructure are prohibitive. Not to mention the "Green" movement which the New York Mayor is involved with.

Leigh O'Gorman

Ughhhhh... Bernie's been talking about a New York Grand Prix on and off for nearly 20 years.
It probably means he's trying to deflect attention away from something else.


He's clearly on drugs. Good drugs. I commute from Manhattan to New Jersey and the only place there is the Meadowlands. I can't imagine a track that would be near F1 standards around there. It could be a parking lot track like Caesar's Palace.

Champ Car and NASCAR wanted to be there for years and could never make it happen. (NASCAR even spent millions for a property on Staten Island before residents said "No.") It'll never happen.

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