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March 18, 2010


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THIS is why I love Sarah Fisher. No other driver-hint hint-would have gotten out of their car to give the seat to someone who could do a better job. I am SO rooting for SFR to win a race, either with Graham or someone else.


SF is in it for the long run. I wish her the best as driver and as an owner. She'll always have my support.


I don't know about you guys but this entire Fisher thing makes me think of poor old Marty Roth. :P

Chad Paff

Marty Roth was a rich guy, pretending to be a race driver, who was only in a car for himself and his ego and had no interest in building a race team.

Sarah Fisher is a real race driver, who wishes she was rich and is building a race team.


Too bad Milka didn't own her own team...

Gary P

This woman simply oozes class, unlike some of the other notable females in the sport.

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