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March 10, 2010


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Too bad SWIFT hasn't "been encouraged" by fan reaction (as they easily have the SEXIEST 2012 concepts)!!!

Although the latest LOLA B12/01 is the best looking of their designs

The Speedgeek

You just like Lola because he used the phrase "earned their corn". Sooooo transparent. If McCool had thrown in a "here at Lola, we do our designs while sipping a couple of pints of lager", I bet your head would have straight up exploded.

Seriously, you are hitting journalistic home runs on a near-daily basis. And I don't like it. It's making the rest of us look bad.

Roy Hobbson

The Speedgeek is wrong, Bill. You're not making US look bad ... you're making the REAL journalists who are paid to do this look bad. Because they're not doing this, obviously. Probably at the request of Uncle Chippy. Brilliantly done.

(Oh, and HOLY SHIT that heat-sensor picture of the car is totally RAD!!! It looks like how The Predator sees IndyCars.)


The "heat sensor" image is just a screen dump from the ALIAS or CATIA 3D software. Once the model is built that software can execute a crap-load of environments or ways to review the surfaces


@AZZO45 is that similar to "finite element analysis" or am I dating myself here?

Gurney Eagle

I am now determined to work "earn their corn" into one conversation every day.


Swift is also encouraged by fan response: Note the links at the end of the story. There are links to similar interviews I did with Swift and Dallara, plus several to others on the DeltaWing. No favoritism here, although massive points for "earn your corn" from Mr. McCool.


My Swift comment wasn't directed at your reporting P-Dog... was more MY frustration that Swift will be the "pup" left at the pound (& sadly we all know what happens after 10-14 days at the pound). :( :( :( The Lola or the DW are gonna get "adopted".


I get your vibe, AZZ. I kind of share it. BUT, you never know. They are going to have some formal presentations, etc. I think, personally, Dallara will be tough to dislodge given their 14-year-relationship. The league is likely looking for someone they think they can work with, be a partner, etc.

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