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March 21, 2010


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Firebrick... Good choice.

Anytime a blog post starts out by mentioning August Schell Brewing Company, it has my attention. Great brewery and it's fairly close to home for me.

My personal favorite, by Schell's, is Schmaltz's Alt. You might be hard pressed to find any this far into spring though.

Carry on here, I need to get back to the rest of your post. :)

Ryan Worden

Same problem here with the DVR running out, but I outsmarted myself and taped the next 7 shows just in case of rain. Sure, my DVR filled up and I missed a bunch of other shows during my vacation, but I saw the last 7 minutes....

And local yellows (can we start calling them Milkas?) rock


Finally...the first clown the season has officially started.

(Meteor speeds for Earth) "So the red tires..." (Meteor destroys a skyscraper) "are softer..." (Destroys Eiffel Tower) "than the black tires..." (Charo's house on fire.) "But if it rains, all bets are off.."


I enjoyed the write-up. There is one thing that I have wondered about since the broadcast. I recall Jenkins saying this is the most watched TV show in all of Brazil.

How exactly, could they know that DURING the race? Do they have realtime ratings in Brazil? Usually we have to wait for at least overnight ratings, etc. but they declared this during the race? How does that work? Or did Bob just pull that out of his rear?

Jon Pollak

Best TV based media race review EVER.
When I grow up I wanna be pressdog mkII



Dog...add an hour to EVERY race on the DVR. I learned that lesson last year. I call it a benifit to being on Versus...actually running the whole race.


I do have the entire F1 race on DVR, not that I can watch it without dozing. I made it through lap 9 before I was out like a light.

Leigh O'Gorman

If it helps, the Indycar You tube page has highlights here -

Might get you a little of those last few laps.


Vivaindy, IBOPE (Brazil's Nielsen) hss a real time system that networks and some journalists have access to. Still, there were some excess to the claim, the showing had peaks of #1, but finished #2 in the time slot with a very respectable 7.7 rating here.


Filipe, is that the same rating scale as the Nielson? If so that's huge! I heard the race got a 0.4 in the US. (What do you expect for an overseas race?)

Leigh O'Gorman

@ Tom,
Probably didn't help that it was on Versus when the Direct TV hassle was on either.


In Brazil, this race outscored F1, which is pretty big. but sadly, no American sponsors (Target, National Guard, Dollor General, Menards ect.) care.

But it was probably tied with Toronto 09 for best street course, with lead changes and overtakes!!!! Now onto St. Pete, which hopefully will be good, and then, Barber....


'Dog.... no F1 blog????


I tried to watch the F1 replay but fell asleep twice. From what I hear, I could give you the starting lineup, thrown in some BLOWN UP, SIRs! and you'd have the finishing order. F1 has a boring race (even by F1 standards) problem. They've eliminated fuel strategy and reduced the race to qualifying and tire management. zzzzzzz.

Leigh O'Gorman

@ Bill,

Big supporter of the banning of refuelling, but wasn't enough.
Like Indycar did with the fuel knob, F1 needs to rip out the bad aero. Refuelling was just a mask to show that there was no on track overtaking and all the add ons that have been introduced over the years were simply gimmicks.

The suggestions that some have come up with to help overtaking (like mandatory pitstops) are also just gimmicks and continue to ignore the problem.

You'd best call back in a year or two - the problem might be fixed then. In the meantime I will continue to watch with the jaundiced eye of a scorned partner.


Leigh -- one race does not a boring season make. It's possible things will improve yet this year. One thing Bernie is acutely in tune with is TV numbers/ratings, 'cause he knows that's where the truly awesome cash is. (I don't think he cares a'tall about attendance.) So if ratings start to slide, expect changes sooner rather than later. Agreed that stuff being kicked around now (mandatory pit stops, intentionally crappier tires) are gimmicks that don't address the real problems.

Leigh O'Gorman


Your absolutely right; however the general feeling is that the refuelling ban and the removal of the double-diffuser should have been done together rather than step them one year apart.

Unfortunately there is still the issue of the dirty air from cars that needs to be looked at, but the truth is since refuelling came in during 1994, the majority of overtaking has been in the pitlane.

I think Bernie's mention of shortcuts is simply a way of telling the teams and the rulemakers to "fix it once and for all".

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