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March 18, 2010


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Shane Rogers

And no Penske's on the podium?

What the? :)


Did I say Penskes? Sorry. I meant Chippies. They seem interchangeable to me. If we have NEITHER on the podium, we know the apocalypse is upon us.

Tom M.

I take it that spring break is over??


Very well put, P-Dog. Those "purists" include Robin Miller and his band of debris at, and other message boards. Not to mention posters like Trick Bickle and Chad Paff, to name two.


Ed, Miller's been pretty pro road/street racing.

Some NASCAR writers went into shock because the race was better then recent NASCAR races, and was still shorter then Fontana. Even with the rain delay.


I love ya Dawg, but I don't see how endless laps under caution with some competitive laps under green mixed in qualify as entertaining racing. I have to agree with Bob Jenkins' appraisal of his performance as subpar. He dropped the ball on several occasions including his mention of di Silvestro as last year's Atlantic champion. I watched the rebroadcast of the race, but I never heard anything about how she went from first to 3 laps down. I've been a fan of USAC, CART, IRL or whatever you want to call it for over 40 years, and hope it can come back to what it used to be, but if you want to see good racing (not entertaining)check out World Superbike or MotoGP where the rider has more influence over the outcome than any driver ever will.


Some of the criticism of the race has included the rain as an IIRS foul-up. I think that rain answers to a higher authority and to put that on the list of things that went wrong in Brazil is just sorta wrong.

The criticism of Jenkins is overblown. An announcer made a couple mistatements? Call in the National Guard.

And if I wanted to watch a motorcycle race, I'd wait until they unveil the Delta Wings! (Joke.)


After snoring through the F1 race earlier in the morning, I was more then pleasantly surprised (not to mention "entertained") by the Debut IRL race from Sao Paulo.

Now if they can only copy the track layout and drop into St. Pete we might have a chance of more entertainment, not to mention more then a .4 TV share.

Nice write up as well Dog,


Flashback to 2008-Milwaukee Mile, and Marco being mistaken for a parking spot there, too:

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