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March 22, 2010


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H. B. Donnelly

dang, what a massive burn on nelson piquet jr.! that's who he was burning...right?


Who is he referring to?


Wait a minute...isn't that exactly what he did...threatened to take meetings with NASCAR because he wasn't getting the ride he expected.

Tom G.



O.K. I'll bite... if Pimp Daddy wanted their "Go" Girl to race taxi-cabs & also promised to step up & replace Motorola/ Boost Mobile in Indycars, eh WHY would that be a bad thing???

I'm a huge fan of Graham, but young Rahal should grasp that's smart business (Carrot 101). Perhaps he should have been talking to Burger King or Taco Bell as a BACK-UP PLAN to the McClown bailing out @ Haas-Lanigin ? Just sayin'

West Coast

What??? He's the one who ran to Randy Bernard for help a day after Bernard stepped into the office. He's the one with the rich Dad who does not seem to want to help his own son.
Graham has a habit of opening his mouth and saying stupid things about other drivers. He is 21, he has one win. He needs to stop acting like Indy Car owes him and start working for his sponser dollars as hard as the drivers he looks down on.

Mike Hare

Think Sarah's the hero here. I'll give "West Coast" the zinger award. Agree that Graham just comes across as whiney...squared!


Which is a damn shame Mike... as young Rahal is AWESOME with the fans at the number of races I've attended live & in person.

WC: Most talented drivers focus on DRIVING & leave it up to team owners to take care of the sponsors... I guess that is now "Old School" in OW. Although, I don't see Jeff Gordon or Juan Montoya chasing sponsors. If LOWE'S abruptly left Hendrick... do you really think you would see JJ searching for a new ride? Even ONE RACE WINNER Montoya?? No to BOTH.

Concerned Fan

H.B. Donnelly: (unintentionally?) the funniest post ever. Yeah, that's right... he's talking about Nelson Piquet, Jr.



If you want to drive in American open-wheel, unfortunately the reality is (probably 80% of the time) you almost always have to bring money. I wish it wasn't so, but then again I also wish I was taller, younger and skinnier. Wishing don't make it real. Until IndyCar builds a NASCAR-level audience, it's gonna stay that way. I think Mr. Rahal should just focus on doing his thing and leave the Unnamed One out of it. Danica, to her credit, is a shrewd business woman and rarely goes out of her way to criticize how others go about their business. I can't find fault with her exploring all her options at contract time. Virtually every other athlete looks at all offers before deciding. That's just good personal business. I have no problem with Danistar doing the same.


How could Rahal "hold" Nascar above Indy's head for bargaining? No one in Nascar is chasing Graham wanting him to drive for them. Nascar has plenty of American drivers

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