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March 30, 2010


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The Speedgeek

Yep, probably my favorite of all the proposals, aesthetics-wise. I'm OK with this being the only chassis, if it comes to that, as long as you can put 2-3 different engines in there and as long as it'll run well in a draft and side-by-side. Pick this one and they can sign me up for 5 years worth of Indy ticket renewals the next day.


Ditto, Geek.

Demond Sanders

Hell yes. I've come to love the 23 as well, but I'd throw a one man parade down Georgetown if the 50 comes to pass.


I totally agree. Every time I see that car I feel all tingly.

The Swift 50 would result in me not only buying race tickets, but also pit passes just so I could get closer to that car.


Love ""50" but I like Swift "33"even MORE (which to me is the "50" with a Pennzoil Chaparral style connect wing)!!!

The "23" is just too conservative looking for my eyes. Needs to reach as it will race in 2012 & probably 5-6 years into the future.


Oh BTW, Swift Engineering had your blog link on their Facebook page!!! Hopefully it gets ya some MORE traffic!!! :) :)


All due respect to the 50, but it is merely the sanitized sponsor friendly version of the one true vision of artistic and sexy greatness - the #33 Swift. #50 Swift, your beautiful, but we know what's under that baggy sweater, don't be coy girl...


I was wondering where my Can-Am car went?


Dear Swift - Please aero-match the 50 and the 23. Give teams a choice of the two, and all will be right with the world. After all, the only thing better than rolling sex with one beauty is...the same, with two.


And don't forget to put Swift Lights on both. Swift Lights are the most fan-friendly idea I've seen so far in this chassis derby.

Tom G.

Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner.


Ah, JP has seen the greatness in the #33 in that one high top view that Swift has shown us!!! :) :)

The Swift 33 complete with the "Swift Info Lights" would be an awesome 2011 Christmas present for this Indycar fan!!! :) :) The 50 would be a good back up though.

Any of the three Dallara designs would be like a LUMP of COAL in my stocking!!!


Having said all this, it's important to remember 1) it ain't the car keeping fans away right now and 2) Dallara has done an INCREDIBLE job making their current chassis last as long as it has.

Leigh O'Gorman

As long as it has the mushroom buster (or a variation thereof), then I will be happy

Chris Lukens

Leigh , I absolutely agree with you comment on the “mushroom buster”. I just wish they would pull the front wing/side pods in a little bit so that the open wheels would be a little more in the open. I, also, like the retro look of the exposed engine, but I wonder how different engine configurations would affect airflow over the rear wing. Over all I like this car.


I think many are staying away due to only ONE legal chassis in the Indycar series though. How hard is it for Dallara to stay competitive when they don't have a Swift, Lola, BAR, DW, etc being allowed to enter the 2010 IZOD Indycar Series???

I mean LOTUS is forced to buy a Dallara to race in the IICS (as opposed to creating their own). This is not a slam on Dallara... its a slam on spec racing.

I also agree... a new car (or CARS) won't magically fix Indycar racing. American sports fans don't mind foreign drivers, but want to see their own USA boys & girls competing too. In a variety of cars using a variety of engines.


Probably they should never have released the pictures of all these prototypes. Now people seem to think they're going to run several different chassis in spite of the fact that they've said numerous times they're going to go with one chassis for economic reasons.

Variety may be the dream, but it's not the reality.


redd; Since they have actual 3D CATIA/ ALIAS data on these concepts I would think Swift could do the LOLA thang & offer at least TWO aero equal (but different looking) body styles?????????

That kind of variety could be a cost-effective reality (JMO.


Dog, in regard to your Dallara comment above, I think you meant to say "Incredibly profitable"???

From the limited reading I've run across some of the owners seem to feel they've been raped by Dallara, from a cost perspective.

Additional insights welcome.


Oh yeah, that "50" is spectacular looking. I just wonder how costly it would be replacing those side pods, or how durable they would be to contact. Looks like they would prevent most of the side wheel to wheel scrapes that send the cars into air.


Just going by what Dallara Man said in my interview with him HERE: “A chassis designed to race for three years just on ovals has ended up with being used for nine years (with two more to come) both on ovals and on road courses without major revisions. That’s outstanding in terms of safety, strength and speed." Dallara's record of 9 years of performance and safety shouldn't be scoffed at. Credit where credit is due. As for the cost of the Dallara, I have no idea if it's reasonable or not. Dallara talks about how they can lower prices now in the interview linked above.


Not intending to extend the discussion, BUT; why haven't they lowered prices before all manner of competition is now available to take their deal away?

My shot was not at the durability of the car, nor of the services Dallara has provided in the form of nine years of band aids to keep the series in driveable cars. Just the cost of the band aids.

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