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April 29, 2010


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The Speedgeek

I'm not the world's biggest fan of having multiple tracks on the calendar that appear to be roughly the same from a Google Maps viewpoint, but you really can't argue with the on-track product (as Rust points out). Also "not the world's biggest fan" certainly doesn't mean that I won't be waking up at 6:00 AM or earlier on Saturday to get my fat tail on down there. A "semi-OK" IndyCar race (which is kind of a worst case scenario at a 1.5 mile track) beats just about any other kind of racing any day.


The "cookie cutter" issue isn't really an issue for Indycar. For NASCAR it is, because the run a lot more of them, and they run 2 dates at most of those tracks, and the on track product isn't very good. In Indycar, though, there's usually plenty of passing and they only run 5/17 races at them anyways.

Jim Bob

After 4 100 MPH parades, give me this "cookie cutter" any day of the week.


I think the discussion is very similar to the day when people compained about the dual use football/baseball facilities built in the '60's like Three Rivers, River Front and the original Busch stadium and derided them in comparison to the Wrigleys and Fenways of the world. I think part of my frustration with the mile and halfs is that with baseball, you could alway make a trip to see one of the historical gems in action. For Indycar racing, IMS is all we have left. I know I long for the ability to go see an IndyCar race the speeds at michigan, the driver skills to win phoenix, see an Andretti race at nazareth or get a brat at milwaukee. Until the day we are invited back to the places where our heritage was built, I will complain about the sterile options that I have. But overtime that may soften as well, I can't imagine an August that didn't involve a trip to kentucky with the Mrs and her father. And to second the SPEEDGEEK despite my complaining an IndyCar race at these places will beat anything else.

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