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May 01, 2010


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Demond Sanders

Nice effort on everyone's part.

I don't think there is any question that Danica is the single most important person in Indycar (followed by Andretti and Rahal).



Again, the Pressdog has set himself apart from the rest of us, mere mortal, bloggers. I blew my chance with a face-to-face interview (Randy bernard) with a bush-league brain-freeze. These were well framed questions and an engaging exchange. Don't fret "The Look" on the Simona topic.

Good stuff!


Great interview p-dawg. I'm so impressed. In a word, courageous. The Danica/Simona cat fight thing. Dude, you're lucky to have walked out of there alive. Journalism at it's best. Have a blast at Kansas!

Tom M.

And you got out alive. Excellent.

Leigh O'Gorman

"...Formidable is putting it mildly. Behold, the Alpha Female ready to scruff shake pressdog if he persists. Um, time to move on..."

Haha brilliant. We could've been talking about the ex-Pressdog by now.
Great job Bill and Danica comes across very well too - good stuff


Great interview. You showed us a side of Danica that doesn't usually show through in other media, print or televised.

I am know officially intimidated to post other comments on any other topics!


Very interesting interview. Certainly not your average canned questioning. Probably gave us a peek behind the facade a little better than most interviews would. And my mother used to give that "look" ...tilting her head down while looking up at you with those twin lasars ...yeah, time to move on. BTW, stay on that journalistic road "less traveled by". It's a refreshing change for us readers.


Nice interview. Seems like you captured a side of Danica not seen during television interviews.


This is the most personal interview I have ever seen with Danica. It certainly personifies her as much more human, and far greater than her being pimped by go-daddy, which contributes towards her being villified. Great job, great interview!


Nice job, Pressdog. But catfights...don't go there buddy! Those cats have claws.

Roy Hobbson

Damn you, Bill. Damn you to HELL!!! Scooped again. In my defense, though, Danica's stupid quote-unquote "restraining order" prevents me from being w/in 500 yards of her. (Hahaha! Just kidding! It's only 250 yards.)

Shawn Kendall

Nice job P-Dog. Looking forward to seeing ya in Indy!


It was you who faked on us, you pressbitch! :D

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