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April 01, 2010


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I don't think a straight line wind tunnel will tell you if the thing is going to tip over when it goes around a corner.

Surely this is an April Fools joke, right? Good one P-dog!

The Speedgeek

Um, seeing as how they've already been displaying a full-size mock-up of the car for almost two months now (like, in the flesh, a piece of foam and plastic that you can touch), I don't think it's all that crazy for them to be putting something into a tunnel.

Also, tip over? Care to draw me a vector or free body diagram that would lead you to believe that the car will tip over in a corner? Say what you will about how goofy the thing looks (I'll agree with you), but I'm not real concerned with how the car is going to go around a corner. This is because I've actually done a sketch or two and crunched a few numbers which have all told me that there's nothing wrong with the physics of how the car supposedly works. I still have questions about certain details, and I wish they'd make it less goofy looking, but I have no reservations about the overall concept.


Plenty of time at the tunnel since USF1 won't be using it :)

Can't avoid the sneaking suspicion that no one in their right mind is going to continue plowing money into developing a car design without some kind of understanding that this is the design of choice.

Either the height of entrepreneurial risk taking spirit or the fix is in!

Tom G.

I confess. I made it to the end of the article, waiting for the April 1st punchline. I actually had to click on the link to the DeltaWing site to believe it.

If, as Chip says, the car doesn't need to look anything like this, why are they taking the "concept" to the wind tunnel?

There are 4 things that I still can't get past:
1.) It's ugly
2.) Unless they outfit it with really big curb feelers in the front, drivers will be sticking their nose into places it won't fit when attempting to pass.
3.) Wheels in front of the cockpit is gonna make it even more difficult for the driver to see when racing in the rain.
4.) It's ugly


Will it tip over? I would hope that Bowlbey could do better then that, and I would expect he would. But don't put too much trust in Bowlbey just because he's an "expert" becuase remeber, he's also Chip ganassi's employee.

I would still like to see how it's going to take the corners. And I don't know if the V shaped desgin is going to help passing, I could see it hurting the passing.

The Speedgeek

I'm not taking Bowlby at face value, or just taking his word for it. I doodled out some numbers and sketched myself a little diagram of the car, and my calculations say that the physics look like they'll work. This doesn't address whether drivers will constantly whack the inside rear wheel on curbs or walls because they can't judge where it is in relation to the front wheels, it just addresses that as a mathematical exercise, the numbers work.


Does it bother anyone that the DeltaWing does not have rear/side view mirrors?


@Speedgeek Honestly, I don't really think it will tip over, that's just a nice shot at delta Wing. I think it's cornering though, that might get interesting. I want to see it lap Indy, Long Beach, Watkins Glen, Chicagoland and Road America before they consider actually racing it.

The Speedgeek

Hey, I've got no problem with getting a car (or two) out there on a racetrack to prove to everybody that the car will work. That's entirely fair. I'm just saying that on paper, mathematically speaking, there's no reason to believe it won't work. I'm just frustrated with people writing the car off right away because of qualitative, gut level reactions that may or may not be correct. I'd prefer that people give the car a chance to get on a track, see what the drivers think, and then we'll go from there.

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