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April 26, 2010


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But, But, But, with a Casino, Kansas will become a GREAT EVENT!!! Isn't that all that matters?


OMG. Never thought of that. I bet the Casino will be GORGEOUS and it will be a "party like atmosphere" so, yeah, we should be good to go! Great point, Dylan.


On a more serious note, hopefully we could add Fontana, if it loses a cup date, Atlanta, same thing, Loudon and Vegas because SMI wants them, then Road America,Cleveland,Sebring, MIS, and Miller Motorsports park in relacement of Mid Ohio, Infenion, you know where, St. Pete, Kansas, and maybe Homestead. bringing the season up to about 20 events, while keeping a 50-50 balance, on tracks that would hopefully have passing. It seems the economic crisis might be making ISC rethink Indycar, since Cup's struggling to sell to. Which would be a perfect scheduale.

Chad Paff


I am with you on your thought-process.

I'd love to see the schedule get a real makeover. I'd love to see Homestead replaced by Phoenix (ISC for ISC). Find a way to get back to Milwaukee. Get rid of Snore-noma and replace it with Las Vegas (SMI for SMI). Add Loudon (which SMI wanted). Road America is a no-brainer, since its a actual "racey" road course.

I guess its a formality that Baltimore gets added (HATE any more street parties and Richmond should have never been dropped). I think Portland would make a lot of sense (get back into the Pacific NW).

Add Phoenix, Milwaukee, Las Vegas, Loudon, Baltimore, Portland and Road America and drop Homestead, Kansas, Sonoma and Edmonton.

That's a 20 race schedule. 10 ovals and 10 others. Filled with short ovals, 1.5's, Indy, real road courses and street courses.


Woe woe woe. What's all this "drop Kansas" stuff? Kansas is a great venue and great race.


Pressdog: I don't want Kansas dropped, I just think ISC likely will drop it. If we can, definitly keep it. I think a summer race would be great.

Chad: Forgot Portland, probably use that instead of Miller. Phoniex would be nice, but did you listen to the quotes from the last Trackside with Curt&Kevin? Yeah, don't see us back there anytime soon.

I like the idea of 4 "major" races, which are longer, and pay more money/points. Indy, Long Beach, Road America, and either Loudon, Vegas, or MIS.

The Speedgeek

I just want to know what that 18 story great white monolith is that's looming over the entire thing in the first sketch. Is that where NASCAR and ISC are planning on storing the all the money that they make off of a venue that has two Cup races AND an on-site casino? Is it the new NASCAR facility for "race fan reprogramming" for anybody who likes some other form of motorsport, kind of like the "Ministry of Love" in George Orwell's 1984? Either way, it all sounds double-plus-ungood to me.

Tom G.

a $380 Million dollar Hollywood casino? Sounds like a boondoggle to me. How will that help either NASCAR or the IRL. We all know that the way to improve racing, ratings, and sponsorship is through better landscaping. Just think of the shrubbery they could buy with $386 Million.


For $380M you could for sure get to "the Augusta of Ovals" level. Rip out the seats, make it one huge picnic area and watch the cash flood in.


I'd be more than willing to drop Kansas if Michigan was the replacement. I worry that the second cup date will come from Fontana, a locale that IICS has covered with Long Beach already. The problem with Kansas is that it is nearly identical to chicago, kentucky, vegas, atlanta, charlotte and texas. Only some banking differentiates these tracks much at all. The more the series races on cookie cutter venues, the less surprised we should all be if one single team cracks the formula and wins them all. These tracks are about the engineers not the driver. If lifting, braking or shifting isn't involved, it ain't driving or racing the car, in the words of Bruton Smith and Humpy Wheeler, it's just Pointing. Someone please add some flat one milers, Please...


I sure don't go to any IndyCar races wondering where the casino is, so to me this whole thing adds very little to the equation, and if ISC removes IndyCar for a stock car event, I'm quite fine with that (although I am sorry for IndyCar fans in KC, thank ISC for that).

As it stands today, I'm a proponent of removing ISC tracks from the IndyCar schedule and I would further propose that date go to St. Louis' Gateway oval as a (better, IMO) replacement.

In my frequent IndyCar daydreams, I picture 5 years from now when IndyCar popularity is once again higher than 'stock' cars, and ISC will be clamoring to add IndyCar dates.

The only current ISC tracks I'd honestly like to see on the IndyCar sched would be Phoenix, Watkins, and MIS. Too many cookie-cutter/D-ovals as it is already. ISC-loyal/independent Pocono will almost never host an IndyCar event again, but that too was one of the best IndyCar ovals.


Kansas is fine for IIRS, as long as the IIRS is wanted there. If Nascar adds a second race there, I assume it would be in place of another track because their schedule in already to the point where they need two divisions.

coach suitcase

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