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April 30, 2010


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Sure, there's no conflict that Indycar's biggest rival owns ISC. Yeah, no problem there. I do think some tracks are more workable than others, and definitly Watkins Glen seems freindly with Indycar, but overall, ISC's best interest is NASCAR, since the same people own both. but with NASCAr's struggles I do think some tracks might reconsider an INdycar race if it could bring in enough people.


Who are they trying to kid? Business IS business and they can say what they want but they've also demonstrated that when promoting and scheduling events, IndyCar takes a CLEAR backseat to NASCAR's best interests.

ISC/NASCAR must also understand they've been extremely fortunate to have a product that has sold itself to millions with relatively little promotion from the venue, so when the venue has to promote an event to increase it's success, they seem to have little idea how to do it.

I contrast anything ISC has done (beside opening the ticket booths and gates) for IndyCar with SMI and Eddie Gossage. Gossage has historically done far more work to have successful IndyCar events than ISC, and I'd bet they reap the benefits from that work as well.

I understand that for ISC/NASCAR is 'their house, their rules', which is also why I still support being on no ISC tracks and working more with others who are most eager to host IndyCar races.


Cooperation and good manners will extend just far enough to keep tracks with single cup dates booked and keep the Anti Trust lawyers away while not hurting the core nascar business.

SMI will always be the track owner with fewer dubious agendas under the table, but since Penske sold his tracks to ISC, they have the more intriging portfolio.


Unfortunately for IndyCar, historic IndyCar tracks such as Michigan, Phoenix, Watkins Glen, and Nazareth are (or were) all under the ISC banner. For the record, I don't consider Chicagoland, Kansas, or Fontana 'historic' to Indycar... yet.

Maybe I'm too old and can remember when Phoenix was 'THE race' to kick off the season, which a whole generation of race fans now don't even know about. Damned nostalgia.

Chad Paff

Bring a better product and a product that people want to watch, with drivers people want to watch, and ISC would be fine with Indy Car.

That simple.


By your logic, Chris Paff, NAS*** needs to bring a better product, with their attendance figures still falling (while, curiously enough, IndyCar's are on the rise).

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